Centura Students to Participate in UNK Honor Choir Ensembles!

Congratulations to Diana Ramirez, Molly Nitsch, Madison Hickok, Grace McDonald, Kiana Schuster, and Colten Seevers for making it into the UNK honor choir ensembles! Over 1,000 students from across the state auditioned to participate in this honor choir program. We are very proud that every student from Centura who auditioned made it in to one of the ensembles. We also have doubled the number of students participating since last year. On January 22nd these students will get the opportunity to spend the day at UNK and sing with hundreds of other students from across the state who share the love of music. They also will get to work with highly skilled guest conductors that will help them to improve their singing technique. The honor choirs will perform in a final concert at 7:00pm at the UNK Health and Sports Center. Admission to the concert will be $3 if you’d like to come.

Centura High Ability Students Participated in Various Fall Activities

Weekly: Students meet once a week. During this time they are working to create their own Breakout Edu challenge. The concept is similar to an Escape room, only they strive to solve puzzles to unlock different locks and break into the box. Elementary students are working by grade level to create a breakout for their respective classrooms to complete. Junior High students were given the option to work individually or in groups. It is amazing the story and clues they create!

Monthly: This year students are exploring the Medieval Times. They learned about warfare and even created their own cannon (marshmallow) and competed in a contest. Next students gained understanding of different roles within the kingdom while each student created Jester hats and juggling sticks. For December, we held a festival, learned about all celebrations and competed to see who was the best Jester, showing off their juggling tricks and telling jokes.

Field Trip: Students visited an escape room in Lincoln for tour and were able to “test” out a room. The owners of the company provided them with training on creating their own and did a short brainstorming session with them for their next escape room. They enjoyed learning and solving the puzzles at an actual escape room.

Celebrate the holiday season with the Country Christmas Tour of Homes!

Celebrate the holiday season with the Country Christmas Tour of Homes!  Tickets can be purchased for $20 each in advance at Pathway Bank in Cairo, Boelus State Bank in Boelus, Kerry’s Grocery in Dannebrog, in the High School office and at The Vault in Cairo. All members of the Centura Junior class will have tickets for sale. Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the tour at The Vault or at any of the participating homes. The tour will be open from 2:00pm to 5:00pm on Sunday, December 17th. Join us afterward at The Vault in Cairo for refreshments and holiday door prizes. All proceeds from this event will be used by the Centura Junior Class to host Prom.

Centura Wrestlers Compete at Ravenna Invite

The Centura wrestling team competed at the Ravenna invite on December 1. Coach Carlson commented, “This is a pretty tough for meet to start out with,  but I felt we competed well and we look tough at several different weights.”

Centura finished fifth out of 18 teams with three finalists. Jack Sokol finished second at 113 pounds, Kile Bentley finished first in the 152 pounds, and Austin Simmons finish second 220 pounds.   Coach commented, “Overall, I was very pleased with our performance. We still have some guys that are working on weight management, but I do think this is a great start to the season.”

Wrestler of the week goes to tournament champion Kile Bentley. Kile was in a pretty tough weight class and had to fight his way to that championship match. This week the wrestlers go to Southern Valley on Friday. This is a great tournament for us to get some good quality wins.

Centura Boy’s Basketball Off to a 2-0 Start

Centura Boy’s Basketball had its season opener against Sandy Creek and won the game 71-21.  Coach Oman identified that Sandy Creek is a very young and inexperienced basketball team.  However, he indicated that Centura played with a lot of intensity.  He said, “The boys played well together and shared the basketball.  For an opening season game, I was pleased with our team’s effort!”

Scoring by Quarters

Centura                      20     18     18     15     = 71

Sandy Creek                9       6       2       4     = 21

Centura stats:  Noah Wooden  21 points , 4 assists;  Dawson Caspersen 14 points ;   Joe Carey  10points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals;   Payton Dowse  8 points, 4 rebounds ;  Ben Oman  7 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals;  Eli Wooden  5 points;  Ben Noakes 3 points ;  Tate Trumler 3 points.

Opponent Leading Scorer:  Wyatt Mach  8

Centura defeated Wood River on Saturday.  Coach Oman stated, “Wood River is a vastly improved basketball squad that likes to run and press.  For the most part, we were able to handle their press and slow their break.”  “Our defense has greatly improved from a year ago.  For the second night in a row our basketball team did a nice job of sharing the basketball.  Joe Carey, Dawson Caspersen, and Ben Oman did a really nice job on the boards.  Centura had 39 rebounds between the three of them.  Joey Carey and Dawson Caspersen did a nice job of scoring inside with 16 and 12 respectively,” reported Coach Oman.

Scoring by Quarter:

Centura        15     11      8     20     = 54

Wood River    6       5      7     18      = 36

Centura stats:  Joey Carey 16 points, 12 rebounds; Dawson Caspersen 12 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocked shots; Noah Wooden 10 points; Ben Oman 9 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals; Ben Noakes 3 points; Eli Wooden 2 points; Payton Dowse 2 points.

Opponent Leading Scorer:  Tyler Hermann 11

More Elementary Students were “Caught Being Good”

Students in the elementary were “Caught Being Good” last week at Centura.  Way to go kids!

Karsyn Lemburg was helping cleaning up in the classroom.

Luke Johnson was caught being good by helping a student with reading without being asked!

Manny Harris let Bonnie go ahead of him in the lunch line.

Trotter Lemburg continued to work while others were trying to distract him.

Centura Girl’s Basketball Wins Season Opener; Falls to Wood River

Coach Thober reported that the Centura Girl’s Basketball team played ok for the first game against Sandy Creek.   He said, “There was a time I thought we had a chance to put them away, Turman would hit a sort or two to keep them in the game.  We played hard but left a lot of points out there with missed bunnies and opportunities.”

Scoring by Quarters

Centura          12        13        10        18        Total 53

Sandy Creek  10        5          13        14        Total 42

Leading Centura Scorers 

Claire Caspersen     15

Morgan Semm         12

Emily Krolikowski    11

Kaleigh Johnson      8

Brook Hostetler        4

Darci Reimers          2

Sam Simdorn           1

Opponent leading scorer           Kenzie Turman         17

Against Wood River Coach Thober indicated that the team played really well in a lot of areas. “Our defense was pretty good except a few breakdowns and we ran our offense well, took good shots, and got to the foul line.  The biggest problem we had is we were 9 of 25 from the free throw line, missed a ton of easy shots, and had some foul trouble”, reported Coach Thober.  “Even with that we still had a good chance to win it at the end!”

Scoring by Quarters

Centura          8          10        8          13        39

Opponent      8          6          12        16         42

Leading Scorers

Morgan Semm          7

Emily Krolikowski    10

Kaleigh Johnson      9

Brook Hostetler        7

Sam Simdorn          6

Opponent leading scorer     Boston Boucher        14

Special Guest: Sudanese Refugee, Estella

Centura students in 4th – 6th grades had the very special opportunity this week to listen to Estella, a  Refugee from the Sudan. Recently the students were involved with a global read aloud project that focused on the book “A Long Walk to Water” by. Linda Sue Park. The book is about a boy that walks away form his war-torn village. He is a “lost boy” refugee, destined to cover Africa on foot, searching for his family and safety. The book is also about a girl that has to walk 8 hours everyday to fetch water for her family.

After reading the story, Mrs. Trumler was able to contact a local refugee that would be able to give a first hand account about what her life was like then and now.

“Estella is a single mother of five children, aged 3 up to 15. She is a dedicated mother, who believes that education is imperative to a successful life. She came to the United States in 2005 from Sudan. She had to hide and run for her life to get to America to have her freedom. She left Sudan at the age of 19 and fled to Cairo, Egypt. There she contacted the UN and set into motion her journey to the United States. It took until 2005, but she finally made it. She came to America without any family here and without knowing any English. She worked extremely hard to learn English and is now fluent and helps translate for others who need help. She works at the Veteran’s home and is taking her final test to get into nursing school on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. She became an American citizen in 2008 and is proud to be an American. Her family is receiving a home from Habitat from Humanity in early 2018. She has already put in 479 hours of work helping build their home. She came and spoke to us about what being a refugee was like. We had read the book “A Long Walk to Water” about the Lost Boys of Sudan and were so lucky to have Estella share her own story with us about having to flee Sudan. The biggest surprise when she visited us was seeing her strength and positive attitude. She had grown up in an area of Sudan with no running water and no electricity. She showed us how to carry around four gallons of water on her head without using her hands! She shared that they had one meal a day and only water to drink, to us this sounds unthinkable, but she smiled the whole time and said “You can do it!”. She had to walk a long ways to school everyday where her father was a school keeper. When she was in her upper teens, her family was forced to choose between being Christian and Muslim. They chose Christian, so her father lost his job and they were forced to move to the mountains, where the living conditions were considerably lower. Estella wanted her freedom and fled. She had to change her name and hide in fear, but she never gave up or lost hope. We have never seen someone so strong, positive and full of joy. She is an inspiration to us all. We can’t think of a better family to receive your gift this Christmas!”