June 2024

Monday June 17

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Board Meeting

About Us

Centura is a Nebraska Department of Education framework school. Centura Public Schools was consolidated in 1967 and is located five miles from Boelus, Cairo, and Dannebrog, Nebraska. Centura and its collaborative partners are an innovative community. We have high expectations for our school and community. We empower all students to be successful. The Board of Education, Administration, Teachers and Non-certified staff provide a culture of Excellence. Our students are prepared now and for a future of success. Our teachers and community support and utilize technology to enhance instruction and communication. The school district completed a renovation of classrooms and the science lab. We plan to continue upgrading and improving the Centura school building in the future. We want what is best for ALL kids.

About Us Dr. Ashley Tomjack Superintendent
About Us