Centura’s Second Graders are Busy Writing Poetry and Using Technology

Mrs. Hermann’s second graders have been working on adjectives and adverbs in their classroom, and what better way to incorporate those words into writing than writing poetry! Centura Elementary teachers use an app called Seesaw to share student work with each other and parents. Within this app students are able to write, draw, complete projects within other apps and “app smash” , take videos, pictures, and share links. Last week, the 2nd graders brainstormed signs of spring and nouns that make them think of spring by using their senses. Then, they illustrated a picture or used emojis to show these “signs”. Finally, students were asked to write a poem using their senses, that also included adjectives and adverbs. The finished projects are amazing. If you would like to view their poems, you can read them on their https://blog.seesaw.me/hermann/#!/

Students Explore Different Skills at Centura Discovery Days

Whether they were munching on smoked meat, assembling a toilet, decorating cupcakes or swing dancing, Centura students were learning.

On Thursday and Friday, Centura High School students participated in Centura Discovery Days. Organizer Doug Voigt said that Discovery Days isn’t a career fair, but rather a broad range of jobs, hobbies and activities for students to try and learn about. Two science teachers, Robin Keilig and David Morris, went to a conference two years ago in Cozad, where they heard of a similar thing the school did there. They decided to bring the idea to Centura, thus, Centura Discovery Days.

There were 39 different classes students could choose from. Voigt said planning began in the fall, with the help from community volunteers, teachers and Tammy Holcomb, the high school principal. He said a survey was sent out to students to gauge their interests and what they’d want at Discovery Days. Voigt said photography and self-defense were popular topics students wanted to learn about.

Once students expressed what they’d be interested in, staff worked to find people in the community who would fit those topics. Some teachers even stepped up and taught classes. Among some of the classes offered was: canvas art painting, storm chasing, Tae Kwon Do, dog grooming, country swing dance, cupcake wars, robotics, smoking meat, fantasy football, leather working, chess, archery and cabinet building and countertops.

“It’s been quite an experience and a broad range of topics,” Voigt said.

He said Third City Archers allowed 55 students to come learn archery and shoot. Voigt said that was very nice of them to do that. He also mentioned that students could also choose to learn about landscaping and tour Lewis Greenscape, as well as learn about ammunition and bullets with a tour at Hornady Manufacturing.

Kate Bohling, an English teacher at Centura, taught the cupcake wars class. She made 24 dozen cupcakes for the class. Students had three timed decorating challenges, she said. The first round of challenges was a theme, such as peeps, candyland and monsters. The second challenge she had one group only use a mini tasting fork to decorate the cupcakes, and the fork had to be incorporated into the decoration. The third challenge was about how creative the students could decorate.

She said throughout the classes she’s seen students decorate cupcakes like spaghetti and meatballs, Sesame Street and many other things.

“They’ve just been crazy creative,” Bohling said.

The uneaten cupcakes were sold after school, with proceeds going to Navi Nielsen, a Centura student in the hospital, who was involved in a fatal accident a few weeks ago. Another Centura student, Bailey Jean Packer, died in the accident.

Brandon Jacques and his wife taught the smoking meats class. Jacques said he caters and cooks for his church. He and his wife taught a full class about cleanliness, types of smokers, types of meat and cooking tips.

“They’re not afraid to eat stuff and they’re not afraid to touch the meat when it’s raw,” Jacques said of the students.

The students of course got to taste what they were learning about.

Heather Hewitt, a senior, was at State Speech on Thursday so Friday was the only day she participated in Discovery Days. She chose to learn about smoking meats, which her tastebuds really enjoyed.

“It’s delicious,” Hewitt said.

She got to make and eat chicken wings, pork butt, and bacon-wrapped meatballs.

Jacques said he enjoyed teaching the students and that he’d love to do it again.

“It’s something that I’d love to do all the time,” Jacques said.

Seventh-graders Ryan Schweitzer, Nolan Hurt, Keaton Lemburg and Dillon Dubbs participated in the concrete and toilet repair class on Thursday. The boys said they enjoyed the class and learned new things. They assembled a toilet and mixed concrete to make and decorate pavers. They went on a scavenger hunt outside to find items, such as bones and rocks to put in the concrete pavers.

“We had the perfect person teaching us,” Dubbs said. The instructor was Jerry Nott.

The boys said they enjoyed learning some new skills.

“Versus having someone come and do it for you, you can do your own,” Lemburg said.

Other students opted to learn how to country swing dance, which was taught by Nott and foreign language teacher Steph McInturf.

Students paired up and learned different county swing dance moves, including the pretzel. McInturf and her husband Derek danced to “Fishin’ in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to show students how it’s done.

McInturf said the students were laughing and having fun, even though some of them seemed nervous at the start.

“It’s been fun this morning to see them gain some confidence,” McInturf said.

Voigt said there’s plans to continue to do Discovery Days next year.

This information was reported in the Grand Island Independent on March 23, 2018 by Kelli Rollin.  Picture by Andrew Carpenean, from the Independent.


Centura Send-Off for Two State NSAA Speech Qualifiers

Centura is sending two state qualifiers to the NSAA sponsored state speech competition on Thursday, March 22, 2018.  The following are details of the events for Grace McDonald, qualifying in two events and Heather Hewitt, qualifying in one event.

Grace: Round 1
Entertainment 8am, Section C Room Union Sandhills
Humorous 8am, Section B, Room Fine Arts Recital
Grace: Round 2
Entertainment 10:30am, Section B, Copeland 231
Humorous 10:30am, Section A, Room Bruner 177
Heather: Round 1
Serious 8am, Section A, Room Bruner 177
Heather: Round 2
Serious 10:30am, Section B, Room Otto Olsen 136

Finals posted in the UNK Health and Sports Center
Awards in the Heath and Sports Center

Best of Luck to the Centura State Qualifiers, Grace and Heather,  and Coaches Kris Simon and Ted Evans.

Centura Students Participate in Regional Science Olympiad and Brings Home Hardware

On Tuesday, March 20, Centura sent two teams to the ESU 10 Regional Science Olympiad at UNK. Students competed in two divisions: B (grades 7-9) and C (Grades 10-12). There were over 500 students from at least 20 schools attending this event.

Centura students and events and results are:

Division B:
Fast Facts: Rhegan Jensen & Lauryn Bernt (4th place)
Ecology: Will Ford & Jayden Jacobsen (1st place)
Experimental Design: Rhegan Jensen & Melanie Mackey
Write It Do It: Faith McDonald & Lauryn Bernt
Rocks & Minerals: Melanie Mackey & Alex Johnson (3rd place)
Anatomy & Physiology: Faith McDonald & Dillon Dubbs
Solar System: Will Ford & Dillon Dubbs (1st Place)
Mystery Architect: Jayden Jacobsen & Will Ford

Division C: Team Placed 6th Overall
Anatomy & Physiology: Shelby Budde & Emily Krolikowski
Astronomy: Riley Adams & Tate Trumler (4th place)
Chemistry Lab: Shelby Budde & Sydney Grudzinski (4th place)
Dynamic Planet: Riley Adams & Katie Dethlefs (4th place)
Ecology: Emily Krolikowski & Grace McDonald (6th place)
Experimental Design: Heather Hewitt, Maddy Hickok, & Katie Dethlefs
Fermi: Amber Baldwin & Macy Baldwin
Forensics: Maddy Hickok & Amber Baldwin
Rocks & Minerals: Colten Seevers & Michael Anderson
Towers: Macy Baldwin & Miranda Frerichs
Write It Do It: Grace McDonald & Heather Hewitt (3rd)

Centura Band Prepares for District Band Competition

District music contest is quickly approaching and the Centura students have been working hard. The band will be performing two pieces that the students are playing very well. Mr. Gregory, Centura band director, reports, “The students have been making leaps and bounds in the past year, and we are all very excited to see what those results look like in the adjudicators eyes!”

Centura band and choir have a combined pre-district music concert with the choir on April 11 at 7:00pm in the activities gym. We would love to see the bleachers filled. Your support means the world to us.


Centura Dance Team Presents Dance Revue

The Centura Dance Team will be presenting a Dance Revue on Friday, March 23rd at 8:00pm in the Centura High School Gym.

The Dance Revue will feature several dance performances from the year.  Some of the encore pieces will be the ‘Night at the Movies’ routine with the Centura Boys; as well as some of the team’s favorite halftime and competition performances from the year.  The members of the team are also very excited to present a brand new Dads and Daughters performance.  Finally, new this year, some of the previous members of the Centura Dance Team will be reuniting for a special alumni routine.

Along with the dance performances, several other Centura students will be featured.  Grace McDonald, Jaelyn Gross, Maddy Hickok and others will all provide some additional entertainment during the Revue.

After the Revue, attendees are invited to stay for dessert served by the Centura Dance Team.

Free-will donations will be accepted throughout the evening to help defray future costs the dance team incurs such as dance camps, uniforms and competition expenses.

Centura High School Choir Readies Themselves for District Music Competition

The high school choir has already put a couple of months worth of work into their songs for District Music Contest. They will be performing “Soldier” arranged by Roger Emerson and “My Maple Tree and Me” by Amy F. Bernon at the District Contest in Gibbon on April 20th. They also will perform these songs at their Pre-Districts concert on April 11th at 7:00pm.

Also performing at these two events are the Centura Singers Chamber choir and six vocal soloists: Gabi Niece, Abby Hadenfeldt, Colten Seevers, Taylor Grabowski, Grace McDonald, and Molly Nitsch. Centura will also be showcasing two vocal duets; Grace McDonald and Maddy Hickok will be singing Homeward Bound, and Monica Hueson and Jasmine Halsey will be singing Amazing Grace. Maddy Hickok and John Kortz have also been preparing piano solos for the event.

According to Kim Killinger, Centura vocal music instructor, “This is the most entries we’ve had for District Music Contest in several years, and we are hoping to receive a lot of high ratings. All of the students have been working hard to prepare for this event and have made a lot of improvements throughout the semester. They are sure to put on some great performances and represent Centura’s Music Department well!”

Centura Students Participate in LouPlatte Conference Art Show for a Third Place Finish

At the LouPlatte Conference Art Show, seven different Centura students earned 80 points. St. Paul was first with 119 points followed by Wood River with 93 points.

Centura students who attended the art workshops at the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center were Jayden Schuneman and Grace McDonald. They were able to participate in glass blowing, cyanotype (a type of printmaking), laser printing, and still life painting.

Centura LPC point earners:

Best of Show: Ally Phillips “Techno Desk”

Pencil Drawing-Other: 5th place – Ally Phillips “Beetle Geometry”

Pencil Drawing-Portrait: 1st place – Grace McDonald “Wish Upon a Weed”;  2nd Place – Grace McDonald “Miracles Come in Pairs”;  3rd Place – Callie Gorecki “Honor”

Colored Drawing: 5th place – Callie Gorecki “Two Red Cups”

Scratch Art: 1st place – Lauryn Bernt

Oil Acrylic Painting: 1st place – Ally Phillips “Techno Desk”;  4th place – Callie Gorecki “Elaine”;  6th place – Grace McDonald “Light by the Riverside”

Special Projects Computer Generated: 2nd place – Cody Luhn “Heaven”;  4th place – Grace McDonald “Grace’s Faces”;  Honorable Mention – Jayden Schuneman “Built for Speed”

Sculpture: 6th place – Grace McDonald “Laughing Lantern”

Fiber and Textile: 4th place – Ally Phillips “Fish Head”

Students whose artwork was chosen for the show:

Heather Hewitt; Ally Phillips; Barrett Selden; Cody Luhn; Jayden Schuneman; Grace McDonald; Callie Gorecki; Lauryn Bernt; Lucy Kohtz; Sydney Budde