Tips for a Great Beginning to the School Year

Parents: things you can do to help your child start the year off right are listed below:

  1. Help your child make a daily to-do list. Identify what needs to be done over the next 24 hour including homework, house chores, and activity practices.
  2. Check in with your child about the list. Review what was done and what is yet to be accomplished. As your student becomes more responsible, you’ll find yourself spending less time hounding them about getting to work.
  3. Get phones out of the bedroom. Cell phones hinder our body’s ability to begin a    natural “shut-down” process for a restful night’s sleep. Have your child leave their phone in a central spot.
  4. Break big projects into small tasks. Avoid dreaded late-night runs to buy poster board because “it’s due tomorrow!” Help your student break projects into smaller tasks by adding them to the daily to-do list.
  5. Check Power School. Teachers post their lesson plans and grades on Power School weekly. This is a great way to check the answer to the question, “Do you have homework?” If you have questions about how to log on, contact the school.

For questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress contact Mrs. Kay Carpenter, Guidance Counselor 7-12, Dean of Students.


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