The Centura Volleyball Season is a Wrap

Centura volleyball made its 3rd appearance in just 4 years at the Nebraska State Volleyball tournament this past weekend. The Centurions captured their ticket to state with a win over Creighton at the C2 7 Sub-State match.

Centura came in as the 3rd seed into the C-2 tournament, playing Superior, as the 6th seed. The Centurions were able to get a first set victory over the Wildcats with a score of 26-24 in the opening game. Superior was able to re-gain the momentum and take sets 2, 3 and 4 to take the win over the 2017 squad. Emily Krolikowski ended that match with 18 kills, 3 aces, 8 points, 27 positive receptions, 1 solo block and 15 digs. Brooklyn Hostetler had 12 kills, 43 receptions and 15 digs. Amber Baldwin had 1 ace, 9 points and 49 assists. Macy Baldwin had 9 kills and 3 ace serves, and Grace McDonald had 7 kills. Elayn Holcomb had 8 kills and 1 ace serve. Sam Simdorn had 27 digs and 16 receptions.

Coach Feeney had this to say about the final match of the season at state, “I thought that our girls were ready for a very tough Superior team. We knew who their go to hitters were, and trained the best we could to prepare for all scenarios they would throw our way. There is just something about a 6’3 hitter that can get over your block, that makes it very hard to adjust your defensive base, with such a powerful weapon coming right at you.” “I know that our girls gave everything they had in that match, there is no doubt that we left it all out there on the court. It has been three state appearances in 4 years, with the same result of a loss, but this one was different in the sense, that there was no doubt that we played the best we could have against the team across the net, and to feel that way as a coach at the end of the season, is all I can ask for.” “All players were playing their very best overall volleyball in late October and November, and as the program continues to improve year after year, that is what makes a head coach very happy.” The players that are headed to state year after year have raised the bar for their expectations and what they want to have happen at state, there is also plenty of talent that will return for the 2018 season, with state experience, and I know that the girls will still have that desire in them to play past the first round.

The 2017 Centura Volleyball team amassed some impressive statistics:

Emily Krolikowski ended the season with 28 aces, 191 points, an all school season high 369 kills, 365 receptions, 55 solo blocks, and 355 digs.

Brooklyn Hostetler ended the season with 23 aces, 167 points, 295 kills, 418 receptions, 21 solo blocks and 336 digs.

Elayna Holcomb ended the season with 19 aces, 150 points, 182 kills, 40 solo blocks.

Amber Baldwin ended the season with 36 aces, 212 points, 23 kills, and an all school season high 982 assists.

Sam Simdorn ended the season with 353 receptions and 376 digs.

Madison Harston ended the season with 24 aces, 179 points, 166 receptions, and 185 digs.

Macy Baldwin ended the season with 32 aces, 219 points, 140 kills, and 152 digs.

Grace McDonald ended the season with 140 kills and 9 solo blocks.

Emily Krolikowski broke career school records in kills with 937, and digs with 1055.

Amber Baldwin broke career school records as only a sophomore in assists with 1681.

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