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Welcome, Friday the 13th.

Quarantine information
This week we had one teacher, one non-teacher, and eight students placed in quarantine.  One student was tested positive for COVID, and because we require masks, we avoided a mass number of quarantines.   Please be safe.

The new DHM (Directed Health Measure) from the Governor states that we must limit attendance at activities.  Until further notice, only parents and close siblings in the household can attend activities.  We will be hosting junior high contests next week, and this will be parents only so we can maintain less than 25% of the seating capacity.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES AT ACTIVITIES.

The Nebraska Department of Education Commissioner has provided schools the opportunity to use limited days for teacher development with students, not in attendance. The staff is preparing their online learning opportunities.  

Will we be going to online learning?  No, unless one of the following takes place: 1. We are mandated by the state to go to online learning, we have 50 or more positive cases within the school, or we have more staff with COVID or on quarantine than we can find substitutes to cover.

Thank you for being flexible and supporting Centura Public Schools.  We hope to make all decisions based on the safety of students and staff.

Below are two charts: The first represents weekly COVID totals, and the second compares students to staff.

Have a great weekend.

Centura Pride

Ryan Ruhl, Superintendent.