Volleyball Summer 2016 Notes and Camp Information

centura volleyballWeights start on May 31st at 8:00 am (weights will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week).

Open gyms are on Tuesdays throughout summer from 9-10:00.

League at Wood River (June 7/14/21/28) 6-9 PM.

Elementary/Junior High camp on June 20th and 21st from 9-noon

July 1st Minden team camp

July 4th-8th Moratorium week for all activities

July 19th Junior Varsity team camp at Kearney Catholic

July 20th and 21st  Varsity Top 10 camp at Kearney Catholic

August 8th-12th Conditioning week

August 12th Player/Parent potluck supper

Week of August 15th start of extended practices

August 17th first day of school

August 19th Soap Scrimmage

September 1st first home match of the 2016 season

April 2016 Treasurer Report


Treasurer’s Report for the 2015-16 School Year
as of March 31, 2016



General Fund
Beginning Balance $1,095,747.55
Mar Income $253,606.61
Mar Expenses ($577,264.05) < $566,969.36 Mar expenditures
Mar Adjustments $0.00 $9,493.69 Mar lunch payroll
Ending Balance $772,090.11 $25.00 Mar Adjustments
$776.00 Mar Imprest
Cash Found In: $577,264.05
Balance Per Bank $829,244.28
Outstanding Checks ($57,154.17)
Investments $0.00
Adjustments $0.00
Total $772,090.11
General Fund CD’s
#7842 $179,231.29
#15608 $149,442.13
#45419 $101,799.12
#45435 $101,799.13
#42936 $162,755.95
#881244 (MM) $252,390.71
Total $947,418.33
Imprest Fund (Cash Account)
Beginning Balance $2,500.00
Mar Income $776.00
Mar Expenses ($776.00)
Mar Adjustments $0.00
Ending Balance $2,500.00
Cash Found In:
Balance Per Bank $2,710.00
Outstanding Checks ($210.00)
Total $2,500.00
Building Fund
Beginning Balance $527,682.52
Mar Income $25,157.03
Mar Expenses $0.00
Mar Adjustments $0.00
Ending Balance $552,839.55
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct. $552,839.55
Outstanding Checks $0.00
Total $552,839.55
Depreciation Fund
Beginning Balance $216,428.19
Mar Income $36.76
Mar Expenses $0.00
Mar Adjustments $216,464.95
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct. $216,464.95
Outstanding Checks $0.00
Total $216,464.95
Unemployment Fund
Beginning Balance $17,398.80
Mar Income $0.00
Mar Expenses $0.00
Ending Balance $17,398.80
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct $17,398.80
Outstanding Checks $0.00
Total $17,398.80
Student Fees
Beginning Balance $840.25
Mar Income $0.00
Mar Expenses $0.00
Ending Balance $840.25
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct. $840.25
Total $840.25
Activity Accounts
Beginning Balance $135,973.07
Mar Income $20,170.99
Mar Expenses ($22,937.13)
Mar Adjustments $0.00
Ending Balance $133,206.93
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct. $142,308.42
Outstanding Checks ($9,101.49)
Outstanding Receipts $0.00
Total $133,206.93
Lunch Account
Beginning Balance $86,223.44
Mar Income $25,291.77
Mar Expenses ($22,541.22)
Mar Adjustments $0.00
Ending Balance $88,973.99
Cash Found In:
Checking Acct. $88,973.99
Total $88,973.99


April 2016 Bill List

Apr General Fund
Ace Hardware 11.98
AS Central Services 227.47
Aurora Coop 3,585.24
Bohling, C 48.60
Bound to Stay Bound 600.85
Carpenter, K 53.50
Centura Hot Lunch 57.00
CenturyLink 258.79
Charter Comm 190.02
Clipper Publishing 46.50
Computer Hardware 660.00
D&M Security 111.00
Ecolab 97.76
ESU #10 25.00
ExploreLearning 2,995.00
Follett 375.32
Franssen Collections 30.50
GI Independent 367.39
Grone’s Outdoor Power 44.40
Harb’s Landscaping 5,145.00
Harders Dozer/Scraper 450.00
Heartland Disposal 480.00
Hireright 250.00
Holcomb, Tammy 211.68
HGRPPD 6,261.74
JW Pepper 232.61
Johnny’s Lock & Key 16.00
KSB School Law 1,307.50
LaQuinta Inn 95.95
Loeffelholz, S 48.50
Marathon Systems 328.65
Matheson Tri-Gas 334.94
Midwest Floor 258.40
NASB 90.00
NCTC 50.20
NE Fire Sprinkler 151.00
NE Safety Center 150.00
NETA Conf 695.00
NRSCA 216.00
Office Net 2,731.26
One Source 130.00
Pathway Insur 53,211.00
Payflex 100.00
PEAP 63.00
Platte Valley Comm 30.00
Platte Valley Winnelson 105.42
REGA Engineering 30,500.00
Renaissance Learning 19.60
Sam’s Club 113.97
Schoology 2,500.00
Seventeen 12.00
Source Gas 3,854.17
Sparq Data Sol 1,300.00
Steele Law Offices 2,241.94
Straight, G 3.94
Supplyworks 252.00
Thompson Co 1,067.30
Too Fast Supply 26.00
Troy’s Auto Care 113.32
US Bank 2,609.25
Village of Cairo 276.50
Walmart 403.83
Weaver, N 54.00
Wex Bank 222.55
Windstream 27.97
Yandas Music 124.00
Apr Payroll 397,593.17
Total 526,245.68
Mar Imprest Fund  
Adams Central HS 66.00
Grand Island CC 210.00
Total Funds by Hasler 500.00
Total 776.00
Mar Receipts
County Taxes 158,141.84
Interest Local Rev 42.05
Local Receipts 1,065.36
Medicaid Admin 2,109.47
Medicaid in Public 578.99
Non Program 9,493.69
Perkins 2,428.29
Preschool Tuition 11,000.00
Sped Programs 34,558.00
State Aid 34,473.24
State Apportionment -284.32
Total $253,606.61

Centura Awarded First Place for Teens in the Driver Seat Program

teens in the drivers seatThe Centura Student Council has received first place for points accrued in the Teens in the Driver Seat, a traffic safety education program in Nebraska designed to help teens become safe drivers. This award will give the school $1000 to spend on activities and programs to continue the message of driving safe. Points were awarded for such activities as presentations to the students, posters placed throughout the school, placement of seatbelt signage in the parking lot, conducting surveys on texting and seatbelt use, making a video on seatbelts, and promotion of safe driving habits on Centura Vision to name a few.

Starting in seven Nebraska schools two years ago, the program was brought to Nebraska through a partnership with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, AAA Nebraska, Nebraska Safety Council and the Drive Smart Nebraska Coalition. This year there were 14 schools participating.

“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Nebraska teens,” said Dr. Joseph Acierno, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Public Health for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. “This program is an opportunity for teens and their sponsors to develop and implement traffic safety programs in their school and community which can instill safe driving habits that they can use for a lifetime.”

Teens in the Driver Seat uses peer-to-peer influence to bring together young drivers, parents, school administrators, communities and other partners to reduce teen crashes on Nebraska roadways. The program addresses both awareness and behavior, using peer pressure as a positive force to promote safe driving habits and reduce the top five risks for teen drivers: nighttime driving speeding, driver distractions such as texting, low seat belt use, and driving while impaired from alcohol or drugs.

The Centura Student Council is comprised of 18 students in grades 9-12. The president is Hannah Adams, vice-president Jordyn Grabowski, and secretary, Makenna Lemburg. They are sponsored by Kay Carpenter, Guidance Counselor for Centura Jr./Sr. High School.

April 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Board of Education Regular Meeting

April 11, 2016 6:00 PM


Attendance Taken at 6:01 PM: Present-Chad Adams, Gina Baldwin, Jason Bonsack, Will Kemptar, Ryan Marr, and Matt Neppl.

Notice of this meeting was published in The Grand Island Independent.

Notice of the meeting was given in advance thereof, according to law, by proper publication, a designated method for giving notice to the School District, a copy of the proof of publications being attached to these minutes. Notice of this meeting was given in advance to all members of the Board of Education. Availability of the agenda was communicated in this meeting. All proceeds of the Board of Education were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public. Pres. Bonsack called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Board Pres. Bonsack led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Pres. Bonsack recognized a current copy of the Open Meetings Act posted on the wall in the Board Room.

Motion to approve meeting agenda as presented passed with motion by Neppl and second by Marr.  6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Recognition of Visitors and Public Input: Teena Rosenquist represented a group of parents who have concerns regarding the high school basketball program.

Elem. Principal Bohling reported on the Crisis Meeting held Mar. 2. The state is adopting and mandating the use of Standard Response Protocol which is designed to be an enhancement to the district’s current crisis plan. The district practiced with the NE Severe Weather Awareness Week drill on Mar. 23.

Motion to approve March 14 regular meeting minutes as presented with correction passed with motion by Neppl and second by Adams.  The correction excluded the re-carpeting of the high school library this summer in the bid received. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Motion to approve March 29 working meeting minutes as presented passed with motion by Baldwin and second by Neppl. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Motion to approve April 2016 general fund claims as presented and authorize payment passed with motion by Marr and second by Adams. Adams abstained from the Aurora Coop claims. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Motion to approve March 2016 activity fund claims, revenue, and fund balances as presented passed with motion by Neppl and second by Marr. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Motion to approve treasurer’s report as presented passed with motion by Baldwin and second by Kemptar. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Motion to accept, with regret, the resignation of certified staff member Julie Maulsby for the 2016-17 school year and thanked her for 3 years of service at Centura passed with motion by Baldwin and second by Marr. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Jeff Emanual with Nemaha Sports Construction was present to explain the change order of the original track bid received. Centura will now get bids on some of the alternate work with local vendors to help with cost savings. Motion to award Nemaha Landscaping Construction the high school track asphalt construction including alternate bids in the amount of $710,940 with any additional amounts for contingency costs and per attorney approval passed with motion by Marr and second by Neppl. 4 Yeas – 2 Nays. Yay votes-Adams, Bonsack, Marr, Neppl; Nay votes-Baldwin, Kemptar.

The High School Track Concrete Bids action item was not acted on by the board.

Elem. Principal Bohling reported the District Writing Assessment scores will be available on Apr. 14; the NeSA and MAP assessment testing window will continue through May 6; Kindergarten orientation included 28 students with a projection of 34 students; Preschool registration for next year included a potential of 42 students with only 34 we can serve; the elementary will be hosting a parent meeting on Apr. 26 with topics for helping students maintain over the summer; curriculum work will continue this summer for staff; and Summer School will be held June 6-30.

Sec. Principal Holcomb reported on the 2016-17 staff recommendations; one graduation student concern; Student/SLT Community Engagement meetings were held Mar. 31 with Marcia Herring of NASB; the Air Force Band performed during an assembly for high school students on Apr. 11; and shared information on students and average grade point averages for students in high school activities as compared to those students who do not participate in activities.

Activities Dir. Weaver reported on State Speech; ongoing junior high and high school track; Conference Art and Band results; Cheer and Dance tryout results.

Supt. Otero reported on the outsourcing of our school lunch program application with the NDE. If approved, bidding advertisement would be on Apr. 18 with a pre-proposal conference and visitation on May 5, and bid opening on June 17.

Supt. Otero did not have an exact number of suggested hires for this summer as numbers would depend on the track project.

The next regular meeting will be held Mon., May 9, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:58 p.m. passed with motion by Baldwin and second by Neppl. 6 Yeas – 0 Nays.

Peggy Lemburg

Board Recording Secretary

Travis Holcomb Selected for Shrine Bowl

travis holcomb shrine bowlCongratulations to Travis Holcomb! He has been selected to play in the 2016 Shrine Bowl Game on June 4, 2016 at Ron & Carol Cope Stadium Foster Field in Kearney. This premier athletic event raises funds to support the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and to benefit Shrine Hospital transportation funds, in addition to honoring the top high school football players in Nebraska. Players are in great company and we hope and expect that the week of the Shrine Bowl will be one of the best highlights of Travis’s career to date.

The Centura District invites you to support Travis by attending the Shrine Bowl game.

Tickets for the game are available at:

Super Staff Members of the Week

SUPER STAFFCentura’s Super Staff Members of the week are….

Char Kyhn, Dori Dorsey, Diana Korinek, and Stephanie Luhn. Together they make up our wonderful preschool staff. These ladies work tirelessly with our youngest Centurions. They make learning fun and meaningful everyday for these students. They provide the best Early Childhood education to prepare the preschool students for Kindergarten. Thank you for making Centura great.

Centura FFA State Convention Results

state ffa 2016Congratulations to all of the FFA members that competed last week at the State FFA Convention. Among the highlights were the Nursery/Landscaping team of Hannah Adams, Abby Hadenfeldt, Conner Sokol, and Peyton McCord placing 4th overall. Also, six FFA members were awarded their state degrees. They were: Hannah Adams, Kalen Cumming, Paige Reimers, Josh Sonnenfeld, Brennan Stebbing, and Jane Zimmerman.

Centura Boy’s Golf Team Wins Wood River Invite

Centura Golf Wood River InviteCongratulations to the Centura Boys Golf Team! I’m an extremely proud head coach to have watched five guys work very hard this spring and take the Wood River Golf Invite Championship trophy today over Kearney Catholic by 2 strokes. Individual medalists were Hunter Deines and Evan Meyer; other golfers on the Championship team were Jackson Noakes, Carter Wooden and Tate Christensen. All these guys had amazing performances and have overcome great adversity in recent days to become Champions today – so proud of you all!!