May 2016 Booster Club Minutes

Centura Booster Club Minutes 05-02-16 Present:  Sandra Krolikowski, Anjanette Jensen, Leigh Myers, Tracey Roth, Kim Wooden, Kim Wells. Ongoing Items: Old Business: Minutes were reviewed. It was confirmed that the DI grant of $350 would require some sort of a receipt, (which was provided). Motion to approve was made by Sandra, Leigh seconded the motion.  […] Continue reading →

April 2016 Treasurer Report

 Treasurer’s Report for the 2015-16 School Year as of March 31, 2016 General Fund Beginning Balance $1,095,747.55 Mar Income $253,606.61 Mar Expenses ($577,264.05) < $566,969.36 Mar expenditures Mar Adjustments $0.00 $9,493.69 Mar lunch payroll Ending Balance $772,090.11 $25.00 Mar Adjustments $776.00 Mar Imprest Cash Found In: $577,264.05 Balance Per Bank $829,244.28 Outstanding Checks ($57,154.17) Investments […] Continue reading →

April 2016 Bill List

 Apr General Fund Ace Hardware 11.98 AS Central Services 227.47 Aurora Coop 3,585.24 Bohling, C 48.60 Bound to Stay Bound 600.85 Carpenter, K 53.50 Centura Hot Lunch 57.00 CenturyLink 258.79 Charter Comm 190.02 Clipper Publishing 46.50 Computer Hardware 660.00 D&M Security 111.00 Ecolab 97.76 ESU #10 25.00 ExploreLearning 2,995.00 Follett 375.32 Franssen Collections 30.50 GI […] Continue reading →

Super Staff Members of the Week

Centura’s Super Staff Members of the week are…. Char Kyhn, Dori Dorsey, Diana Korinek, and Stephanie Luhn. Together they make up our wonderful preschool staff. These ladies work tirelessly with our youngest Centurions. They make learning fun and meaningful everyday for these students. They provide the best Early Childhood education to prepare the preschool students […] Continue reading →