May 2016 Booster Club Minutes

Centura Booster Club Minutes


Present:  Sandra Krolikowski, Anjanette Jensen, Leigh Myers, Tracey Roth, Kim Wooden, Kim Wells.

Ongoing Items:

  • Old Business:

    • Minutes were reviewed. It was confirmed that the DI grant of $350 would require some sort of a receipt, (which was provided). Motion to approve was made by Sandra, Leigh seconded the motion.  All yes.
    • Treasurer Report: An up to date listing shows the balance at approximately $29,700, with expenses to be disbursed yet for approved grants, Achievement Night expenses, scholarships etc. Balance will be around $28,000 when all items are finished up.
    • Items disbursed since last meeting by voting approval of executive committee:


New Business/Projects:

  • Grant request-

Grant request –Logan Gregory-Band- Request was for $894 to cover cost of cleaning band uniform.  Mr. Gregory came to Centura at the semester.  He is not sure how the cost was covered in the past.  He plans on assessing a cleaning fee going forward for band students.  Paying for the cleaning at this point will get all the uniforms fresh and ready to go and will take care of the pants, jacket and sash.  Kim Wells made a motion to approve as presented.  Leigh seconded the motion.  All voted yes.

  • Achievement Night-. Attendance of approximately 200. There are a few expenses yet to come in for payment. Speaker Jina Johansen did a wonderful job and comments on the evening were good overall.
  • Graduation Photographer. Julie Morris will be graduation photographer.
  • Teacher Appreciation- Boosters will participate in providing breakfast on Monday morning, Tuesday popcorn snacks in lounge, and Thursday’s sub sandwiches. Will get chips and cookies to go with the sandwiches.
  • Wrap up of Apparel-Kim Wooden supplied a list of the inventory remaining, which is limited. There are a couple of items on back order that still need to be paid for once the items are delivered.  Kim agreed to head up the committee again next year.  She will plan for a few less options, but be sure to provide a range of sizes from youth to adult.
  • Scholarships- Boosters agreed to provide two $200 scholarships to graduating seniors this year. Seniors will have to fill out the general application form and provide a short essay based on what Centura activities has meant to them.  Leigh will contact Kay Carpenter tomorrow to get the application out to the seniors.  Boosters will meet next Monday evening at the Watering Hole at 5:30 to review and select winners.
  • Golf tournament- The 3rd annual Centura Scramble will be held at Centura Hills on August 6, 2016. 
  • Other-There was some discussion of the Picnic shelter that has been an ongoing discussion topic. Several years ago, there was some money set aside to do a picnic shelter with electricity for the football field.  With the track improvements planned, Kim Wells will contact the school administration to see what the plan is regarding the concession stand, bathrooms, shelter plans, to see if we can integrate the funds with those plans.

Next meeting time and place will be emailed out.


Kim Wells, Secretary


A reminder to coaches, sponsors, etc. that the Booster Club is requesting that grant applications be received by August 1st, 2016 for consideration at our August meeting.  This allows the Boosters to plan for a large portion of grant requests and to divide funds up equitably.

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