LouPlatte Conference Choir

On Saturday, October 29th the Centura High School choir had the opportunity to collaborate with all of the other schools in the LouPlatte conference to perform as a mass choir in Central City’s exceptional performing arts center. The conference choir clinic was lead by clinician Senja Stephens from Arapahoe, who taught the students about different stylistic approaches to the songs as well as the meaning behind the music.

All of the schools came together early Saturday afternoon to start rehearsing, and by 7:00pm they were prepared to put on an outstanding performance that was very high energy and included songs about making the world a better place and the power of singing. One of the highlights of the day for Centura was when our very own Molly Nitsch was chosen to be a soloist in the final song “Sing” by Ed Lojeski.

Centura also got to showcase our own choir at the beginning of the concert as our students sang “Rainsong” by Mary Lynn Lightfoot before combining with the other schools to perform in the mass choir. Central City did a fantastic job hosting and we are very excited to have them join our conference this year. The day was a great opportunity for our students to collaborate with the other schools in a non-competitive way and work together towards one common goal, while learning a few things about singing in the process.

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