FBLA Receives Honors at State Conference

Centura FBLA competed at the annual state conference earlier this month. The following received honors and represented Centura with class.

Accounting II: Macy Baldwin, Honorable Mention

Graphic Design: Grace McDonald, 8th Place

Career Exploration: Jayden Jacobson, 7th Place

Intro to Information Technology: Sydney Perez, 6th Place

Word Processing: Jayden Jacobson, 5th Place

Public Speaking: Grace McDonald, 1st Place.

E-business: M. Frerichs, M. Hickok, & B. Noakes, Honorable Mention

Partnership with Business: C. Gorecki & T. Grabowski: 8th Place

Mobile Application Development: C. Seevers, J. Jacobson, C. States, 6th Place

3-D Animation: S. Perez, R. Jensen, & S. Garcia, 6th Place

Public Service Announcement: L. Bernt & J. Gross, 5th Place

Broadcast Journalism: G. McDonald & F. McDonald, 4th Place

Business Plan: M. Frerichs, M. Hickok, & B. Noakes, 4th Place

All State Quality Member: M. Frerichs, M. Hickok, G. McDonald, & T. Grabowski

Future Award: Miranda Frerichs

Sweepstakes Award: Centura Chapter

Gold Seal Award of Merit: Centura Chapter

Numerous project awards: Centura Chapter

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