FBLA Leaders Attend Conference

Pictured above are back row: Macy Baldwin, Grace McDonald, Taylor Grabowski, Hailey Anderson. Front Row: Miranda Frerichs, Colten Seevers, and Madison Hickok. Centura’s FBLA Officers traveled to Nebraska’s Fall Leadership Conference on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, held in Kearney. The leaders were welcomed to the conference by guest speaker, Mr. Bill Cordes. Cordes shared his message of YOGOWYPI, “You Only Get Out What You Put In”. He also shared that it isn’t enough to just be a willing participant. One must be eager also. Cordes stated that, “great jobs go to the eager, not to the willing”. The officers also attended breakout sessions tailored to their specified officer position they hold in Centura’s FBLA Chapter, sessions on leadership, community service, and fundraising.

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