Elementary Reading Challenge

The Centura Elementary Reading Challenge starts on Monday, October 3rd. Each grade level has different goals each month to reach, if a student reaches their goal, they will be able to participate in the end of the month activity. Students that reach all 7 months will have a special prize at the end of the year in May. Below is the list of monthly activities.

Grades K-2:

Oct.: Minute to win it; Nov.: Relay Races; Dec.: Board games with HS students; Jan.: Free Choice activities; Feb.: Beach Luau; Mar.: Pie in teacher’s face; Apr.: Water Fight

Grades 3-4 and 5-6: Same as grade K-2 or

Oct.: Grade vs. Grade Kickball; Nov.: Snacks; Dec.: Grade vs. Grade Dodgeball; Jan.: Free Choice Activities; Feb.: Board Games; Mar.: Pie in Teacher’s Face; Apr.: Water Fight

We hope that all students participate each month, it will help students’ reading abilities and they get to have fun. Parents, read to your children and watch them read and ask questions about what they are reading.

Good Luck

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