Centura Wrestling Season is Gearing Up!

Centura wrestling has finished up three weeks of practice at the junior high level. They wrestle at St. Paul on Monday and then on Thursday at Adam Central. According to Coach http://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien-online/ Carlson, “These kids have come along way in just three weeks, it’ll be exciting to see them compete next week!” The wrestler of the week for junior high is McLain Adams. With a small group like this he seems to have taken the role as leader right away. He leads for stretching and warm-up and has really improved a lot since last year.

The high school wrestling team finished up their second week of conditioning. Coach Carlson reported, “I really pushed these guys hard these two weeks to get us in shape so we can hit the mat on Monday. It’s going to be an exciting season; our roster has potential to be pretty good and bring home some more trophies this year.” The wrestler of the week award goes to Andrew Merritt.  Andrew gave wrestling a try two years ago and going into his freshman year he has not missed one day of conditioning and has not missed any reps. He works hard and he’s off to a great beginning to his high school career.

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