Centura to offer a Grab-N-Go Breakfast!

What is a Grab-N-GO?

A convenient bag that you are able to fill with an “on the go” breakfast. This is a fast choice for any busy student that does not want to take “time out” for breakfast. This ‘Grab-N-Go’ breakfast will be available to everyone. This choice also meets government rules for a healthy choice and will be payable through any participant’s lunch account. Since this fast meal choice is compliant with all government standards, we are able to offer this option to all students (free, reduced, and full paid students) for the same cost as Breakfast!!!!

Where:      Front Entry of the Elementary!

When:      Starts Monday October 23rd, 2017 and will continue till the end of the school year                             7:45am – 8:15 am Monday thru Friday

Who:         Everyone!

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