Centura Staff and Students Learn About the Eclipse

Centura staff and students spent Friday learning about the eclipse.  Centura staff members began last spring planning activities for all students. The Dunlap Foundation furnished the funds for the myriad of activities and supplies necessary for educating the students on the phenomenon.

Elementary students were guided through various activities such as Oreo Moon Phases, Face Painting and UV Beads, Eclipse Post Cards, Planetarium Booth Visit, Observing Shadows and Foam Balls, and a Photo Booth.  These activities incorporated math, science, writing, and art standards.  Elementary students will receive a post card with a special stamp to commemorate the day.

Secondary students attended workshop type activities that included the planetarium, Shadow Travel for science content, Amazing Race for history content, Breakout EDU for music and art content, Internet Scavenger Hunt for career and technical content, Optical Illusion for math content, and ‘Soul’ar Eclipse for Language Arts content.  The secondary students were also treated to items such as Moon Pies, Starburst, Sunny D, Eclipse Gum, Milkyway, Sun Chips, String Cheese and Capri Sun!

The goal of the day was for students to be able to share with their parents the objectives that they learned through the activities.  Of course, the students all received NASA approved glasses.

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