Centura One Act in Preparation for District Competition

The one act team hosted a dinner theater Monday night in the little gym. There were close to 150 guests in attendance.  The performance was a final practice before the team headed to Holdrege for district competition.

There are many people that go into making a one act successful, each one playing an important role in a successful production. The most obvious is the cast members, they are the actors and actresses on the stage. The sound crew helped search and develop the music for the performance. This is a very important element in a show. The music is the icing on the cake that makes a show memorable and really help set the mood of the play. Our sound crew also plays the music for us during the show. The light crew consists of students running the light board as well as the spot light. Much like the music this helps set the mood for the show. The make-up and hair crew create their masterpieces before the show. They work hard to help the actors become their character through make-up and hair. Last but not least we have the stage crew. They play an important role, they help set the stage with our set, they fix set pieces, print programs, strike the stage when we are done, paint, and whatever else I need done. They are the sponsors’  go to helpers.

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