Centura High Ability Students Participated in Various Fall Activities

Weekly: Students meet once a week. During this time they are working to create their own Breakout Edu challenge. The concept is similar to an Escape room, only they strive to solve puzzles to unlock different locks and break into the box. Elementary students are working by grade level to create a breakout for their respective classrooms to complete. Junior High students were given the option to work individually or in groups. It is amazing the story and clues they create!

Monthly: This year students are exploring the Medieval Times. They learned about warfare and even created their own cannon (marshmallow) and competed in a contest. Next students gained understanding of different roles within the kingdom while each student created Jester hats and juggling sticks. For December, we held a festival, learned about all celebrations and competed to see who was the best Jester, showing off their juggling tricks and telling jokes.

Field Trip: Students visited an escape room in Lincoln for tour and were able to “test” out a room. The owners of the company provided them with training on creating their own and did a short brainstorming session with them for their next escape room. They enjoyed learning and solving the puzzles at an actual escape room.

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