Centura Help-Desk Students Share Knowledge at the 99th NASB Conference

Centura Help-Desk students Seniors – Jayden Schuneman and Dylan Rasmussen; and Sophomores- Nick Kortz, Michael Anderson, and Colten Seevers along with Centura’s Lan Manager, Kenley Reimers traveled to Omaha to share the common tasks, procedures, and jobs that the Centura Help Desk students provide for other students at the Nebraska Association of School Board’s State Conference.

Jayden exclaimed, “The conference wasn’t boring lecture after lecture, instead it was inquisitive minds walking around and asking questions about what it is you do.” She also stated, “Being asked all these questions was refreshing and very eye-opening on how different people can be interested in the same thing. Watching so many of the older generation look at us in amazement as we explained that we are a group of students that fix computers was so amazing. Knowing that we bring the same kind of amazement to the younger generation was also a sight to see!”

Mr. Reimers reported that the students passed out 32 business cards to administrators and/or school board members who stopped by to see what the Centura Technology Help Desk did for Centura Public Schools. Mr. Reimers said, “Individuals were truly impressed with how the help desk students’ work saves the district about $200 per screen that they fix and about $100 per hard drive they repair.“  Mr. Reimers also reported that the help desk students come to him with ideas of what the group can work on and that they are always up for new challenges.

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