Centura FBLA Got More Than They CANDY BAR-Gained For

-1“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” These inspiring words of wisdom were once uttered by the famous Renaissance artist, Van Gogh. This fall, Centura’s Future Business Leaders of America have been living by Van Gogh’s quote in a huge effort to get representatives to the 2017 State Leadership Conference. Together, a total of 75 FBLA members have sold chocolate bars to the community in order to raise money for this great opportunity.

The Centura FBLA program has participated in this fundraiser for years with a price of $1 per chocolate. Some might call that a CANDY BAR-gain! As a team, ambitious FBLA members have sold nine different flavors with a goal of selling 44 candy bars per student. With much enthusiasm, the young business leaders of Centura High School gave their best effort to raise money. In the end, their efforts proved to be rewarding with approximately 5,024 candy bars sold and a grand total of about $2,260 earned. In correspondence with Van Gogh’s words, it really does take a village to achieve something outstanding.

With this candy bar fundraiser, the Centura FBLA members have improved upon their money handling and communication skills, which is why they’d like to thank the community for participating in the fundraiser. Now these future business leaders can build upon these skills at the Nebraska State Leadership Conference. Thank you to all of those who supported Centura FBLA, and we hope to do more business with you in the future.

Article by: Grace McDonald, Reporter

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