Centura FBLA and Pathway Bank Encourage Saving Money

Each year Centura FBLA partners with a business to enhance student learning and assist with various needs. This year, FBLA has partnered with Pathway Bank to teach the elementary students more about banking and saving money. On Friday, September 1, 2017, presentations were given to grades 4, 5, and 6 about starting a savings account.

Taylor Grabowski, Callie Gorecki, and Rachel Baustert each introduced Abby Hargens from Pathway Bank. Taylor, Callie, and Rachel, also talked to the kids about being able to start a Pathway Bank Savings Account and having the ability to deposit it at a teller station, soon to be located at Centura. Ms. Hargens informed the students about banking and saving money; she also helped them create short-term and long-term savings goals.

Prior to the presentations, FBLA members and Pathway employees compiled 120 folders.  Ms. Hargens explained that the folders contained information about the importance of saving money along with forms for opening a savings account. If the student does not want to participate, or has a savings account already, the student is to bring a note back to their teachers. If the student decides to participate in the savings project, the information needs to be mailed back to Pathway Bank using the envelope provided, or by returning the information to their teacher as soon as possible.

If anyone has questions or concerns about the savings project, they can contact Mrs. Loeffelholz at sloeffel@centuraps.org. ~Callie Gorecki

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