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CCV Places Third at C-6

The Centura/Central Valley Cougars won 3 games and lost 2 games at the C-6 district held in Chadron last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Diamonds two losses were to the top two teams in the district, Chadron and Southern Valley.  Congratulations to head coach Dani Ryan and assistant coaches Josh Nuss and Jeff Selden on their record of 15 and 13 against teams from larger schools.  Players seeing a majority of the action for CCV in the tournament were pitcher Kilee Ackles, who pitched or played shortstop, when Morgan Semm pitched, (Morgan usually played shortstop). Catcher Ragan Wood, first baseman Shelby Budde, second baseman Jasmine Miller, third baseman Allyson Dugan, leftfielder Emma Myers, center fielder Brylee Barr, rightfielder Molly Nitsch, DH Reilly Young and pitch runner Sidney Perez

Chadron Eliminates CCV

After rain halted play Friday afternoon in the top of the first inning between CCV and Chadron completed their game Saturday morning with Chadron picking up the 12 to 3 win.  CCV had 9 hits in this game, all singles. Having two hits each were Morgan Semm, Allyson Dugan and Kilee Ackles. Having one hit each included Ragan Wood, Jasmine Miller and Reilly Young.  Kilee Ackles and Morgan Semm did the pitching for CCV.

CCV     300 00   = 3

Chadron 433 02 = 12

CCV 18, Ord 6

On Friday morning CCV eliminated Ord 18 to 6.  CCV used 16 hits, and 7 walks to score their 18 to 6 win over Ord.  Morgan Semm had 3 hits, 2 singles and a home run. Ragan Wood also had 3 hits, a single, a double and a triple.Having two hits each included: Reilly Young a single and a home run; Allyson Dugan and Brylee Barr, who each had a single and a double; Kilee Ackles had 2 singles. Having one hit each was Jasmine Miller and Shelby Budde.  Kilee Ackles did the pitching for

Ord       0 6 0 =   6

CCV     2 14 2 = 18

CCV 15, St Paul 3In their third game of the day Thursday, CCV eliminated St Paul 15 to 3.

CCV used 10 hits and 8 walks to score their 15 runs.  Having two hits each included: Reilly Young a double and a home run; Shelby Budde, a single and a double; Kilee Ackles, who had two singled. Brylee Barr, Ragan Wood, Allyson Dugan and Morgan Semm each had a single.  Kilee Ackles pitched the entire three innings, allowing 4 hits, walking 1 and striking out 2.

St Paul  300 = 3

CCV     177 = 15

Southern Valley 5, CCV 4

In the second game of the day for CCV, the Diamonds suffered a heart breaking defeat as Southern Valley scored 3 runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to claim a 5 to 4 win. The final 2 runs scored with two out. CCV had 8 hits, all singles. Morgan Semm had three hits, Ragan Wood two, while Brylee Barr, Emma Myers and Shelby Budde each had one hit.  Kilee Ackles pitched the entire game for CCV.  CCV had 8 hits, all singles. Morgan Semm had three hits, Ragan Wood two, while Brylee Barr, Emma Myers and Shelby Budde each had one hit. Kilee Ackles pitched the entire game for CCV.

CCV 8, Chase County 4

CCV won their first game of the tournament on Thursday as they defeated Chase County 8 to 4.  CCV had nine hits and 5 walks in the game. Brylee Barr had two doubles. Emma Myers had a single and a double. Jasmine Miller had two singles. Having a single each includes Shelby Budde, Reilly Young and Morgan Semm.   Kilee Ackles pitched the entire seven inning allowing 6 hits, walking 11 and striking out 7.

Chase Co. 020 002 0 = 4 7

CCV        022 001 x = 8 9


Centura Students present evidence to a panel of the Nebraska Hall of Fame Commissioners

Trey and Nick pictured with Dr. Ron Hull (commissioner and co-founder of NET) Photo courtesy of Mrs. Beth Gross On Thursday, June 13th, Centura sophomores Trey Schultz and Nick Kortz traveled to Winter Quarters in Florence (Omaha) along with Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Beth Gross, and Nebraska author, Dr. Jean Lukesh.  There, they persuaded the […] Continue reading →