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Centura Elementary Students Performed at their Winter Concert

On Thursday, December 7th the Centura Elementary students performed at their Winter Concert to a completely full gymnasium. It was wonderful to have so many people come out and support our elementary musicians. The 5th and 6th grade bands did a fantastic job of performing some traditional Holiday classics. We got to hear them play some unison music as well as some more challenging arrangements.

The theme for the singers at the concert was “Christmas in the Movies”. Each grade level performed a couple of familiar songs inspired by famous Holiday movies. One of the highlights was when the third graders performed the song “Polar Express” and Bladen Rathman got to shine as he played the Conductor. The other grades got to sing songs from the movies Frozen, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and many others. Overall, it was a very successful evening and the students did a great job of showing how much they have improved as musicians this school year.

Students were Caught Being Good at Centura

Centura students were Caught Being Good at school last week.

Braxtyn Young was caught helping Ozzy with words on his AR test.

Copper Jensen was picking up scraps of paper off the floor and getting them into the trash can, a lot of which weren’t his. This really helps out the janitors!

Allan Lessig was caught focusing on a test and doing his best!

Bladen Rathman opened the door for a teacher when her hands were full.

Taiten Ritchie took Sharon her bag that she forgot without being asked.

Keep up the good work Centurions!

More Elementary Students were “Caught Being Good”

Students in the elementary were “Caught Being Good” last week at Centura.  Way to go kids!

Karsyn Lemburg was helping cleaning up in the classroom.

Luke Johnson was caught being good by helping a student with reading without being asked!

Manny Harris let Bonnie go ahead of him in the lunch line.

Trotter Lemburg continued to work while others were trying to distract him.

Special Guest: Sudanese Refugee, Estella

Centura students in 4th – 6th grades had the very special opportunity this week to listen to Estella, a  Refugee from the Sudan. Recently the students were involved with a global read aloud project that focused on the book “A Long Walk to Water” by. Linda Sue Park. The book is about a boy that walks away form his war-torn village. He is a “lost boy” refugee, destined to cover Africa on foot, searching for his family and safety. The book is also about a girl that has to walk 8 hours everyday to fetch water for her family.

After reading the story, Mrs. Trumler was able to contact a local refugee that would be able to give a first hand account about what her life was like then and now.

“Estella is a single mother of five children, aged 3 up to 15. She is a dedicated mother, who believes that education is imperative to a successful life. She came to the United States in 2005 from Sudan. She had to hide and run for her life to get to America to have her freedom. She left Sudan at the age of 19 and fled to Cairo, Egypt. There she contacted the UN and set into motion her journey to the United States. It took until 2005, but she finally made it. She came to America without any family here and without knowing any English. She worked extremely hard to learn English and is now fluent and helps translate for others who need help. She works at the Veteran’s home and is taking her final test to get into nursing school on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. She became an American citizen in 2008 and is proud to be an American. Her family is receiving a home from Habitat from Humanity in early 2018. She has already put in 479 hours of work helping build their home. She came and spoke to us about what being a refugee was like. We had read the book “A Long Walk to Water” about the Lost Boys of Sudan and were so lucky to have Estella share her own story with us about having to flee Sudan. The biggest surprise when she visited us was seeing her strength and positive attitude. She had grown up in an area of Sudan with no running water and no electricity. She showed us how to carry around four gallons of water on her head without using her hands! She shared that they had one meal a day and only water to drink, to us this sounds unthinkable, but she smiled the whole time and said “You can do it!”. She had to walk a long ways to school everyday where her father was a school keeper. When she was in her upper teens, her family was forced to choose between being Christian and Muslim. They chose Christian, so her father lost his job and they were forced to move to the mountains, where the living conditions were considerably lower. Estella wanted her freedom and fled. She had to change her name and hide in fear, but she never gave up or lost hope. We have never seen someone so strong, positive and full of joy. She is an inspiration to us all. We can’t think of a better family to receive your gift this Christmas!”


Students were “Caught Being Good”

Centura students who were “Caught Being Good” this week at school:

  • Owen Cheatum was caught being good by comforting a friend who got hurt and helping them to Clark’s offie.
  • Dominick Lewandowski was caught cleaning up TWO TIMES without being asked before school started.
  • Carlie Sokol was picking up all her table mates reading books and putting them away.
  • Taya Taukiuvea found trash in the hall and brought it into the library to throw away.
  • Claire Knuth was caught explaining her nickname so nicely to another student.

    Keep up the great work!!!

Caught Being Good!

Centura Elementary started  “Got Caught Being Good” where teachers are watching for that exceptional behavior and fill out a little slip. Students receive a lifesaver and a little laminated circle.


Lucy Chelewski – Picked up the floor without being asked.

David Hadenfeldt – Being patient with his partner during a Math Kahoot.

Gabby Feeney – Helping other students get prepared for class without being asked.

Ashlyn Hvalinka – Sharing a great “calming tool” with Mrs. Evans and her classmates during character ed.

Isaac Landers – Picking up pillows left out by someone else without being asked to.

Cooper Dubbs – Including someone in a game when they were feeling left out.

Centura Character Council Members attend UNK Leadership Conference

 On Friday, October 27th, six Centura students had the opportunity to attend the UNK Leadership Conference. Character Council members, (6th graders) Lilyana Campbell, Cherish Moore, Finley Korinek, Brianna Rasmussen, (5th graders) Gabby Feeney and Hope McDonald, along with over 300 students from all over the state, gathered at the Student Union in Kearney. After we were welcomed by Allyson Bohlen, Region IV President and Sheryl Feinstein, Dean College of Education at UNK, the guest speaker was former Husker and Cincinnati Bengals punter, Kyle Larson.

The students broke into color-coded groups and got to know each other under the leadership of UNK education major students. After lunch, the groups toured the campus and learned about several of the different areas UNK offers. Stations included: Dance; Air Transportation; Ears, Eyes and You; Exercise Science Lab; Hands on Economics; Behind the Scenes at the Miriam Drake Theater; Education Mac Lab; Stress and Leadership at the Field House; Hearing and Speech. After returning to the Student Union, the students discussed all the different areas they visited, filled out surveys and had drawings for UNK prizes. The kids had a great time and really appreciated the opportunity to attend this conference!

Centura Expanded Learning Program

Download (DOCX, 20KB)

The Centura Expanded Learning Program registration is due Thursday, September 21st. There are still spots available and we would like to have all 30 slots filled. If you have questions about the program, please call Cory Bohling at 308-485-4258, ext. 105, or email at This is a great program for students to get after school care and expanded learning opportunities.

Centura Expanded Learning Program

On Tuesday, students will be bringing home parent letters and applications for Centura’s Expanded Learning Program (CELP) that will start on October 2nd. For parent(s)/guardian(s) that are interested in the program, applications are due by Thursday, Sept. 21st. A maximum of 35 students will be accepted into the program and these students will be chosen at random. The parent letter will explain the program in much further detail. If you have any questions, you may contact Cory Bohling at the school.

Training the Brain to Study

On Monday, September 18, at 7:00 PM in the Centura Elementary library, Mrs. Hargens and Mrs. Evans will be presenting a workshop for parents and students in grades three through seven called “Training the Brain to Study.” They will share information on how the brain works as well as tips to help students create better study habits. Those who plan to attend should complete the form attached below and return it to the school office by Thursday, September 14th. We hope to see you there!

Download (PDF, 103KB)