Board of Education

(L to R) Will Kemptar, Jeff Christensen, Eric Hostetler, Aron Hostetler, Justin Caspersen, Teresa Grabowski

The school board operates under a mandatory policy, where the members of the board act as a group.

The board is empowered to make policy for its own governance, for employees, for students, and for school district facilities. The board is also empowered to enforce its policies. These powers and all other powers are expressly granted to the board in federal and state law.

As the governing board of the school district the board has three duties to perform: legislative duty, executive duty, and evaluative duty. Legislating policy comes with the jurisdiction to enact policy with the force and effect of the law.

Executive duty includes hiring a superintendent to operate the school district on the board’s behalf. They delegate to the superintendent the authority to carry out board policy, to formulate and carry out rules and regulations, and to handle administrative details consistent with board policy.

Under evaluative duty, the board has the responsibility to review the education program’s performance and the associated services.

A “Public Comment” time may be included on the agenda of all regular Centura Board of Education meetings. Public comment will be accepted to allow for members of the public to raise issues and make comments for the good of the Centura Public Schools regarding policy, programs, or procedures.

Public Comment time shall be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, with each member of the public being allocated one opportunity to speak at the meeting for a time period of up to three minutes. If the number of members of the public wishing to comment warrants a reduction in the three-minute allotment, the Board President shall have the authority to limit comments.

Members of the public wishing to comment at any regular Centura Board of Education Meeting must sign in, and they will be expected to state the topic of their comments for documentation in the Board Meeting minutes.

Public comment about personnel will not be permitted, and the Board President has the prerogative to curtail any inappropriate public comment.

President:  Will Kemptar American Civics: Jeff, Aron, Will
Vice President: Teresa Grabowski Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment: Eric, Teresa, Justin
Secretary: Justin Caspersen Personnel & Community Relations: Will, Aron, Teresa
Treasurer: Eric Hostetler Facilities & Finance: Will, Jeff, Teresa
Member:  Aron Hostetler Technology & Equipment: Jeff, Aron, Eric
Member:  Jeff Christiansen Transportation: Justin, Eric, Will
  Negotiations: Will, Eric, Justin
  Policy: Justin, Teresa, Aron



The Board of Education recently completed a Community Engagement Process which resulted in a Strategic Plan with a new Mission Statement, Belief Statements and Six Priority Areas. The Strategic Plan was the collaborative work of the Staff Leadership Team, staff, community, administration, and Board of Education.

Mission:  Centura and its collaborative partners are an innovative community empowering all students to be successful today and in the future.

Centura Public Schools’ Belief Statements

As a community we will…

Elect a board that ensures a quality education and a safe learning environment will provided for all students.

Inspire students to be respectful, resourceful, and responsible.

Aspire for all students to grow academically.

Encourage students to take ownership of their learning process.

Promote a positive and supportive learning environment.

Evolve as an innovative staff through instruction and technology integration.

Strengthen relationships with families and engage community members in partnership.

Priority Areas:

Priority  1:  Academics – To progress learning opportunities to support rigorous and effective curriculum.

Priority 2:   Student Service Programs – To ensure students are engaged, empowered, and equipped through quality student service programs district-wide.

Priority 3:  Technology – Ensure staff and students have access to comprehensive technology to support instruction, curriculum, learning, administrative management, communication and information access.

Priority 4:  Staff – Recruit, hire, develop, and retain a quality staff.

Priority 5: District Culture – Strengthen relationships with families and engage community members in partnership

Priority 6: District Building and Grounds – Maintain and monitor district buildings and grounds to meet high energy, safety, security, and efficiency levels.

The updated mission statement, belief statements and  priorities set forth by the BOE also support Centura’s Vision.

Vision:  A school community about students, excellence, and education

During each school year it is important to keep the Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Priorities  at the forefront of what is done on a daily basis.


In November of 2012, I was elected to the Centura School Board and I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve the as the representative for the Boelus district.  I have been a part of the Cairo community all of my life and grew up on a Ranch near Cairo.  I graduated from Centura in 1988 and then went to Chadron State College to play football but came back to help run the family farm when my dad had a back injury and could not work.  Today, I own the ranch that I grew up on and live there with my wife, Kim and my daughter, Megan.  I am proud to have graduated from Centura and look forward to working with the patrons, students, teachers and administration to make our school as successful as it can be!

Phone: 308-467-2261

Cell: 308-380-4608



A 30 year resident of the Cairo area, I have been apart of our family owned business, Nova-Tech Animal Health, for the last 27 years and have shared in the ownership of the company for the past 13 years.   My husband Joe and I have 2 girls; Jordyn, a 2016 graduate of Centura, who is currently studying Exercise Science and plans to peruse a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.  Taylor will be a Senior at Centura and plans to peruse the field of medicine as well.

I believe in teamwork, honesty, commitment and achievement. As a third year board member I have enjoyed the opportunity to put my business background, work ethic, dedication, and pragmatic thinking to work for the Centura students, fellow board members and patrons of our district.



As a 1977 alumnus of Centura, I am particularly proud to serve on our Board of Education.  My areas of interest are supporting the excellent academic environment we enjoy, working to maintain our aging facilities in support of changing needs, and spending district resources thoughtfully and with every student in mind.  I and my family, wife Holly and sons Joshua and Jacob, have all benefited from both secondary and post-secondary public education, and believe it builds the  foundation for our student’s personal and professional opportunities.


I have been a resident of Cairo all of my life. Both, my wife and I have graduated from Centura and we have two children (Heath and Brooklyn) that have received quality educations from Centura as well. I am a corn and cattle producer around the Cairo area with my brother and son.

As a Centura school board member, I have high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction. I am keenly aware that our community is based on strong educational foundations that we provide to our students. I think it is important for our community to continue providing a complete educational experience for our students in this ever-changing world around us.


I have lived in the Cairo area all of my life and graduated from Centura in 1996. My wife, Patricia, and I have two sons, Samuel and Caleb, and a daughter, Emilia. My brother and I farm together producing corn and raising cattle.

It’s an honor to serve our community as a representative on the Centura school board. I am excited to work with community members, Centura staff and administration, and other board members to continue to provide an excellent educational experience for all students at Centura.