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Centura Wrestling Season is Gearing Up!

Centura wrestling has finished up three weeks of practice at the junior high level. They wrestle at St. Paul on Monday and then on Thursday at Adam Central. According to Coach http://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien-online/ Carlson, “These kids have come along way in just three weeks, it’ll be exciting to see them compete next week!” The wrestler of the week for junior high is McLain Adams. With a small group like this he seems to have taken the role as leader right away. He leads for stretching and warm-up and has really improved a lot since last year.

The high school wrestling team finished up their second week of conditioning. Coach Carlson reported, “I really pushed these guys hard these two weeks to get us in shape so we can hit the mat on Monday. It’s going to be an exciting season; our roster has potential to be pretty good and bring home some more trophies this year.” The wrestler of the week award goes to Andrew Merritt.  Andrew gave wrestling a try two years ago and going into his freshman year he has not missed one day of conditioning and has not missed any reps. He works hard and he’s off to a great beginning to his high school career.

Students were “Caught Being Good”

Centura students who were “Caught Being Good” this week at school:

  • Owen Cheatum was caught being good by comforting a friend who got hurt and helping them to Clark’s offie.
  • Dominick Lewandowski was caught cleaning up TWO TIMES without being asked before school started.
  • Carlie Sokol was picking up all her table mates reading books and putting them away.
  • Taya Taukiuvea found trash in the hall and brought it into the library to throw away.
  • Claire Knuth was caught explaining her nickname so nicely to another student.

    Keep up the great work!!!

Centura One Act Team Competes at Loup City for First Performance of the Year

On Friday, November 3rd, the One Act team traveled to Loup City for the first performance of the year. We gained lots of great ideas to help us get better. Grace McDonald was awarded Best Actress in the Large school division. This is the top individual acting award given. We are looking forward to performing in Holdrege and Minden next week, then Conference in Central City the following Monday. We will be having a dinner theater for the community to come and support and enjoy on Monday, November 27th at 7pm.

Being a Bus Driver is a HUGE Responsibility!

Parents depend on them to get their children to and from school in a safe manner. When rules are not being followed, it is a distraction to the driver and is putting everyone’s lives in danger. If they have to watch the kids…. then they are not watching the road.

We are very fortunate that Centura has buses and offers transportation for the students. Some schools do not have transportation or you have to pay to ride the bus. One very important thing to remember is that we do not HAVE to provide transportation. It’s a privilege, not a right. So by not following the rules, you could lose your bus ride to school. Most parents have jobs outside the home. Think for a minute how it will affect the parents if they have to drive you back and forth to school and how it will affect their job.

There are some pretty simple rules that help keep everyone safe.

NICE VOICES – Keep the volume down, conversations appropriate, no shouting or screaming and absolutely no name calling or swearing.

HANDS/FEET TO YOURSELF – You do not hit, slap, kick, trip, punch or touch in an inappropriate way. No inappropriate gestures. This also applies to items that do not belong to you.

NO FOOD – Water is the only thing that is allowed. Choking or allergic reactions can be life threatening and help might be far away. You can wait until you get home to have a snack. Food, sweet drinks and wrappers can make a very big and sticky mess.

USE HANDRAIL – Snow and rain can make the stairs very slippery.

KEEP THE AISLE CLEAR – The bus driver needs to be able to see out the bottom back window. It’s also a courtesy to those kids getting off and on the bus.

DO NOT CROSS IN FRONT OF THE BUS – If you have to cross in front to get on the bus, you must wait until the bus is completely stopped and all traffic has stopped. Vehicles do not always stop!! Stay back 10 feet until the door is open. The driver will indicate when it’s safe for you to approach.

NO CLIMBING OVER SEATS – Your shoes should never come in contact with the seats. You are to stay seated, facing forward at all times. This is never acceptable.

NO STANDING – The seats are designed to work like a catchers mitt. If you are standing or turned around backwards in the seat, it will not be as effective and could result in injuries if the bus has to stop suddenly.

DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE DOOR IS OPEN – If you are walking toward the front before the bus has stopped, you could easily fall forward and get hurt. Remember… an object in motion stays in motion.

BE ON TIME AT YOUR BUS STOP – Other kids are waiting too. Drivers can not wait very long if you are late. Being on time is everyone’s responsibility.

QUIET AT THE RAILROAD CROSSING – This is a huge safety issue! The driver has to be able to hear approaching trains. Absolutely no voices or noise.

WINDOWS HALF WAY – You still get plenty of air, but it makes it a lot harder for your head to fit out the window.

CAMERAS – All the buses are equipped with high definition cameras with sound. It’s always on and always watching. Check your behavior before your principal checks it for you.


Caught Being Good!

Centura Elementary started  “Got Caught Being Good” where teachers are watching for that exceptional behavior and fill out a little slip. Students receive a lifesaver and a little laminated circle.


Lucy Chelewski – Picked up the floor without being asked.

David Hadenfeldt – Being patient with his partner during a Math Kahoot.

Gabby Feeney – Helping http://www.buyambienmed.com/no-prescription-ambien/ other students get prepared for class without being asked.

Ashlyn Hvalinka – Sharing a great “calming tool” with Mrs. Evans and her classmates during character ed.

Isaac Landers – Picking up pillows left out by someone else without being asked to.

Cooper Dubbs – Including someone in a game when they were feeling left out.

Centura Volleyball Headed to State!

Centura volleyball punched their ticket to state with a Sub-state win over Creighton on Saturday. A 3 set sweep of the Bulldogs with scores of 25-18, 25-10, 25-16 put the Centurions at 28-5 on the year.

Brooklyn Hostetler was impressive behind the serving line giving the Centurions 15 points, 11 kills, 15 digs and 15 positive receptions. Emily Krolikowski had 6 points, 10 kills, and 10 digs. Amber Baldiwn had 36 set assists on the match along with 11 points. Elayna Holcomb had 2 solo blocks and 9 kills. Grace McDonald and Macy Baldwin each added 4 kills on the match. Sam Simdorn and Madison Harston were nearly perfect in the back row with 15 and 10 digs respectively.

# 3 seed Centura will play # 6 seed Superior on Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 at Lincoln Southwest High School in the first round of the Nebraska State Volleyball Championships.

If Centura wins on Thursday, they will play at 3:00 pm on Friday and there will be no school. If Centura loses on Thursday, then Centura will have school on Friday.

Centura Volleyball Drops their Final Sub-District Game

The Centura volleyball team dropped their final sub district game of the week against Sandy Creek at GICC on Tuesday.  The team was hopeful for a wildcard bid to still play at Sub State on Saturday after the seeds were released. The Centurions came in 3rd in NSAA powerpoint’s, which punched their ticket into Substate!

The Centurions will play at CCC-Columbus on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. against 14th seed Creighton.

Centura Elementary Character Council Adopted 1-R Road in Hall County for Clean-Up!

Centura Elementary Character Council has adopted 1-R Road in Hall County.  When you adopt a road, you are making the promise to clean up litter in that mile twice a year.  The first cleaning for the 17-18 council took place on Wednesday, October 18th.  The kids will clean it again in the spring.   This is one of many community service project the kids will do throughout the school year.

C-7 Sub District Volleyball

Centura volleyball was able to capture a 3 set sweep against Hastings St. Cecilia in the C-2 7 sub-district on Monday night. The Centurions opened up district play with a strong performance being able to advance onto the finals on Tuesday against Sandy Creek.

Coach Alison Feeney was very impressed with our overall game and could appreciate a very strong net performance by all players. There were many times that our serving game could keep St. Cecilia out of system, and allow us to tighten up our defensive game.

Emily Krolikowski ended the night with 12 kills, 3 ace serves, 13 points, 2 solo blocks and 16 positive serve receptions.  Brooklyn Hostetler had 5 points, 9 kills, and 21 positive serve receptions with 12 digs.  Sam Simdorn had 18 digs on the night and Madison Harston had 3 aces and 13 points.  Macy Baldwin had 1 ace and 4 kills, while Grace McDonald had 5 kills.  Elayna Holcomb had 8 kills and 2 solo blocks.  Amber Baldwin walked away with 31 set assists and 6 points.