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Centura Athletes Compete at District Track Meet

After a little wait, here are the Centura medalists from the District C-7 track meet.  Both the Boy’s and Girl’s teams placed 8th as teams and there are four athletes headed to the state track meet.

Boy’s Medalists
Pole Vault -Willy Packer 1st place 13-6 (State Qualifier)
Eli Wooden 2nd/3rd place tie 12-4  (missed state by 1 miss at 12′)
Long Jump -Eli Wooden 6th place 19-01.75
Shot -Austin Simmons 4th place 44-07
3200m Relay -Ruhl, Arndt, Sokol, Perez 6th place 9:23.59
100m -Dylan Hruby 4th 11.84
400m -Nate Ruhl 6th 55.18
400m Relay -Simmons, Hruby, Bentley, E.Wooden 4th 46.09
1600m Relay -E.Wooden, Ruhl, Packer, Perez 5th 3:42.64

Girl’s Medalists
High Jump -Emily Krolikowski 6th 4-08
Pole Vault -Brooklyn Hostetler 2nd 10-00 (State Qualifier)
Rylee Kosmicki 6th 9-00
Long Jump -Sam Simdorn 6th 15-05
3200m Relay -Garcia, Perez, Nitsch, States 6th 11:05.36
100m Hurdles -Sam Simdorn 5th 16.97
300m Hurdles -Sam Simdorn 3rd 49.33 (State Qualifier)
1600m Run -Caitlin States 3rd 5:45.41 (State Qualifier)
400m Relay -Hostetler, Korinek, Simdorn, States 5th 53.35

Congratulation on the 2018 season!

Children’s Theater Coming to Cairo Again this Summer

The Cairo Community Theater is hosting The Pied Piper June 11-16, 2018 at the Cairo Community Center.   Auditions and rehearsals will be Monday through Friday from 1:00 – 5:15.  All cast members must commit to ALL practices and performances.  Saturday performances will be at 4:30 and 7:00 pm at the Cairo Community Center.  Contact Kris Hickey from the Cairo-area Children’s Theater with questions at (308) 390-5113.

Download (PDF, 337KB)



Centura Elementary Students Participated in Staycation

On May 11th the elementary students of Centura Public Schools were able to participate in a  staycation. With the help of creative teacher planning, donations and the use of Harder’s property, students were able to experience a day outside in nature. Some of the activities included a nature walk, tree ring discovery, fishing, making smores, animal tracks, creating bird feeders, insect identification, as well as bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Some of our students even caught their first fish or enjoyed their first smore. Students and teachers alike enjoyed a fun filled day of learning and exploring.

Centura 5th and 6th Graders Participate in Field Days

Centura 5th and 6th grader participated in the annual Field Days on May 4th. The students demonstrated great talent.  The results are as follows: 

5th Grade Boys – 4 by 1 Relay

5th Grade Girls – 4 by 1 Relay

6th Grade Girls – 4 by 1 Relay

6th Grade Boys – 4 by 1 Relay

6th Grade Boys – 400 Yard Dash
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Calvin Zimmerman
3rd – Treven Trumler

5th Grade Girls – Long Jump
1st – Gabby Feeney
2nd – Hailey Marr
3rd – Hope McDonald
6th Grade Boys – High Jump
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Caden Ruhl – not pictured
3rd – Calvin Zimmerman

6th Grade Boys – 100 Yard Dash
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Caden Ruhl – not pictured
3rd – Calvin Zimmerman

5th Grade Girls – High Jump
1st – Jenna Fanta
2nd – Hope McDonald
3rd – Rainna Sierks

5th Grade boys – 100 Yard Dash
1st – Mason Gorecki
2nd – Weston Kroeger
3rd – Dillon Fanta

5th Grade boys – 100 Yard Dash
1st – Mason Gorecki
2nd – Weston Kroeger
3rd – Dillon Fanta

5th Grade Boys – 50 Yard Dash
1st – Mason Gorecki
2nd – Weston Kroeger
3rd – Zavery Jensen
5th Grade Boys – 400 Yard Dash
1st – Weston Kroeger
2nd – Zavery Jensen
3rd – Dillon Fanta
6th Grade Boys – Long Jump
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Caden Ruhl – not pictured
3rd – Cayden Anderson
6th Grade Boys – 50 Yard Dash
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Caden Ruhl – not pictured
3rd – Zach States
6th Grade Girls – 50 Yard Dash
1st – Katie Hadenfeldt
2nd – Kyra Wooden
3rd – Jadyn Lauritsen
6th Grade Boys – Softball Throw
1st – Ben Holcomb
2nd – Treven Trumler
3rd – Landen Marr

5th Grade Girls – 100 Yard Dash
1st – Hailey Marr
2nd – Gabby Feeney
3rd – Hope McDonald

6th Grade Girls – High Jump
1st – Kyra Wooden
2nd – Brianna Rasmussen
3rd – Miranda Puckett

6th Grade Girls – 100 Yard Dash
1st – Katie Hadenfeldt
2nd – Jadyn Lauritsen
3rd – Kyra Wooden

5th Grade Girls – 400 Yard Dash
1st – Hailey Marr
2nd – Hope McDonald
3rd – Gabby Feeney

5th Grade Girls – 50 Yard Dash
1st – Hailey Marr
2nd – Hope McDonald
3rd – Jenna Fanta

6th Grade Girls – Softball Throw
1st – Kyra Wooden
2nd – Jadyn Lauritsen
3rd – Miranda Puckett
Barrett Fries (5th Grade) – the only one that cleared the bar!

6th Grade Girls – 400 Yard Dash
1st – Jadyn Lauritsen
2nd – Kyra Wooden
3rd – Katie Hadenfeldt

Centura Athletes Compete in LouPlatte Conference Track Meet

Coach Geoff Cyboron reported that the Centurion track team had a challenging day as we faced the Lou-Platte Conference. The team saw a few personal bests and one new school record. The Centurions were able to get most of the field events finished before taking a 30-minute rain and hail delay. The farmers need the moisture,  so that was okay. Both boys and girls teams placed 4th by a very narrow margin. Coach reported, “I am very proud of every effort today.”

Here are your Conference Medaltists:

Girls Team:
Triple Jump- Elayna Holcomb 3rd place 31′-2.75″
High Jump- Emily Krolikowski Tie for 3rd place 4′-8″
Pole Vault- Brooklyn Hostetler 1st place 9’06”
Rylee Kosmicki 4th place 8′-06″
Long Jump- Sam Simdorn 2nd place 15′-01.75″
Rylee Kosmicki 6th place 14′-05.00″
4x800m Relay- (Garcia, Perez, Nitsch, States) 6th place  10:49.13
100m Hurdles- Sam Simdorn 5th place 16.93
100m- Brooklyn Hostetler 6th place 13.96
300m Hurdles- Sam Simdorn 3rd place 50.63
1600m- Caitlin States 2nd place 5:47.69
Sydney Perez 5th place 5:57.48
4x100m Relay- (Hostetler, Korinek, Simdorn, States) 3rd place 54.30
4x400m Relay- (Perez, Holcomb, Korinek, States) 6th place 4:49.33
Boys Team:
Discus- Austin Simmons 6th place 116′-08″
Pole Vault- Noah Wooden 1st place 14′-1″     (new school record)
Noah Bruggeman 2nd place 14′
Willy Packer 3rd place 13′-06″
Long Jump- Noah Wooden 1st place 21′-00.75″
Shot Put- Austin Simmons 5th place 44′-04.00″
4X800M Relay- (Ruhl, Arndt, Sokol, Perez) 4th place 9:24.13
200m- Dylan Hruby 6th place 24.35
4x100m Relay- (Simmons, Hruby, Bentley, Wooden) 2nd place 46.13
4x400m Relay- (Ruhl, Wooden, Perez, Packer) 3rd place 3:47.63

The Centura Dance Team is Selling their 2018-2019 Season Apparel Online

The Centura Dance Team is selling their 2018-2019 season apparel now online at:


This online sale will remain open until Sunday, May 6th at 11:59 p.m.
Short sleeve t shirts in two different colors are being offered in adult and youth sizes.  Additionally, a hooded long sleeve t shirt is also for sale.

The Centura Dance Team engages in a number of fundraisers throughout the  year to help pay for uniforms, camps and competition expenses.

Your support of the Centura Dance Team is very much appreciated!

Centura Vocal Students Compete at Worlds of Fun Competition

On Saturday, April 28th the Centura High School Choir traveled to Kansas City where they performed at the Music in the Parks Festival at World’s of Fun. The choir performed My Maple Tree and Me by Amy F. Bernon and Soldier by Roger Emerson in front of two judges. It was one of the choir’s best performances of the year, and they were incredibly proud to receive first place in the High School Choir division!

The judges praised the students on their excellent tone quality, dynamics, and expression while also giving the choir some feedback of things to work on for future performances.

After their performance the students got to enjoy an afternoon at the World’s of Fun amusement park, and had dinner at a locally owned restaurant. They also got to enjoy time at the Kansas City Zoo on Sunday before returning home.

Overall, it was a great trip for the students as they got to perform in front of highly qualified judges and enjoy some new places and new experiences.

Summer Feeding Program

Summer Feeding Program

Summer feeding programs are available in the State of Nebraska during the summer months.  Individuals/Families are able to locate all meal sites across Nebraska in the following ways*:

*Please note feeding site information will be available after May 26, 2018.