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Valentine’s Day Cookie Sales In Full Swing

FBLA’s annual Valentine’s Day cookie sales are in full swing. These are Eileen’s Cookies and come at a cost of $4. Orders need turned into the school by Thursday, February 7th and will be delivered at the end of the student workday on Wednesday, February 13th. If you’d like to place an order you can contact your favorite Centura FBLA Member, or print the attached document and turn your order into the office, or contact Mrs. Loeffelholz at sloeffel@centuraps.org. Centura FBLA thanks you for your business!

Download (PDF, 23KB)

FBLA Leaders Attend Conference

Pictured above are back row: Macy Baldwin, Grace McDonald, Taylor Grabowski, Hailey Anderson. Front Row: Miranda Frerichs, Colten Seevers, and Madison Hickok. Centura’s FBLA Officers traveled to Nebraska’s Fall Leadership Conference on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, held in Kearney. The leaders were welcomed to the conference by guest speaker, Mr. Bill Cordes. Cordes shared his message of YOGOWYPI, “You Only Get Out What You Put In”. He also shared that it isn’t enough to just be a willing participant. One must be eager also. Cordes stated that, “great jobs go to the eager, not to the willing”. The officers also attended breakout sessions tailored to their specified officer position they hold in Centura’s FBLA Chapter, sessions on leadership, community service, and fundraising.

Shop Schwan’s and Donate to FBLA National Competitors

Do you shop Schwan’s already, or would like to start? By going online to https://www.schwans-cares.com and placing an order, our FBLA National Competitors will earn 20% on food purchases and 40% on eGift Cards for the first 45 days and 5% on food orders for the next 90 days. This does not cost you the customer any extra, as this is a contribution made by Schwan’s to our group, on your behalf.

If you don’t care to shop online, but would like to purchase items through Schwan’s, brochures will be placed in both the high school and elementary offices.

If you don’t care to shop Schwan’s but would like to make a donation, checks can be made payable to Centura FBLA.

We appreciate your support! ~Juan Perez, Colten Seevers, Nick Kortz, Madison Hickok, Elayna Holcomb, Callie Gorecki, Morgan Semm, and Taylor Grabowski.


Twenty-Five Centura FBLA Members To Compete At State

Callie Gorecki, junior member, prepares for just one of the many competitions to be held at the FBLA State Leadership Conference next week. She and Taylor Grabowski, also a junior, partnered with Pathway Bank, providing savings lessons and the opportunity to save money, to Centura 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. After preparing and submitting a report of their project, Gorecki and Grabowski found out last week that they were one of eight teams across Nebraska to present their project at state. Grace McDonald was selected to present her speech she prepared about the importance of FBLA. While these students were selected as finalists, many competitors have to wait until getting to Omaha to compete and find out their results. Centura FBLA will be attending the conference with 3,000 students across the state. Good Luck Centurions! The following is a list students and their competitions:

Hailey Anderson: Introduction to Business Communication, Agribusiness, Advertising

Amber Baldwin: E-business, Introduction to Financial Math, Introduction to Business Communication, Business Calculations

Macy Baldwin: E-business, Business Calculations, Business Communications

Lauryn Bernt: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math, Business Math and Financial Literacy, Word Processing

Claire Caspersen: Public Service Announcement, Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math

Katie Dethlefs: Community Service Project, Job Interview, Business Communication

Miranda Frerichs: Business Calculations, Business Communication, Social Media Campaign

Gretchen Fritz: Community Service Project, Business Communication, Business Calculations

Jadyn Gentleman: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Financial Math

Callie Gorecki: Agribusiness, Partnership with Business Project, Business Communication

Taylor Grabowski: Partnership with Business Project, Agribusiness, Introduction to Business Communication

Madison Hickok: Business Calculations, Business Communication, Digital Video Production

Elayna Holcomb: Digital Video Production, Introduction to Business Communication, Word Processing

Rhegan Jensen: Business Math and Financial Literacy, Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math.

Nicholas Kortz: Mobile Application Development, Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Information Technology

Emily Krolikowski: Business Communication, Business Calculations, Job Interview

Grace McDonald: Business Communication, Publication Design, Public Speaking, Electronic Career Portfolio

Cortney Mullins: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math, Introduction to Business

Joselyn Mullins: Introduction to Business, Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math

Juan Perez: Introduction to Financial Math, Introduction to Business Communication, Business Calculations

Sydney Perez: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math, Business Math and Financial Literacy, Career Exploration

Jayden Schunamen: Graphic Design, Business Communication, Community Service Project

Colten Seevers: Introduction to Business Communication, Mobile Application Development, Introduction to Information Technology

Morgan Semm: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Financial Math, Business Math and Financial Literacy, Word Processing

Austin Simmons: Social Media Campaign, Business Communication, Business Calculations

Centura FBLA and Pathway Bank Encourage Saving Money

Each year Centura FBLA partners with a business to enhance student learning and assist with various needs. This year, FBLA has partnered with Pathway Bank to teach the elementary students more about banking and saving money. On Friday, September 1, 2017, presentations were given to grades 4, 5, and 6 about starting a savings account.

Taylor Grabowski, Callie Gorecki, and Rachel Baustert each introduced Abby Hargens from Pathway Bank. Taylor, Callie, and Rachel, also talked to the kids about being able to start a Pathway Bank Savings Account and having the ability to deposit it at a teller station, soon to be located at Centura. Ms. Hargens informed the students about banking and saving money; she also helped them create short-term and long-term savings goals.

Prior to the presentations, FBLA members and Pathway employees compiled 120 folders.  Ms. Hargens explained that the folders contained information about the importance of saving money along with forms for opening a savings account. If the student does not want to participate, or has a savings account already, the student is to bring a note back to their teachers. If the student decides to participate in the savings project, the information needs to be mailed back to Pathway Bank using the envelope provided, or by returning the information to their teacher as soon as possible.

If anyone has questions or concerns about the savings project, they can contact Mrs. Loeffelholz at sloeffel@centuraps.org. ~Callie Gorecki

Five Points Bank Welcomes Centura Students

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Grand Island’s Five Points Bank helped Centura students make connections between the classes they are enrolled in and the world of business finance. “It was cool to learn how advancements in technology have changed the way banks do business,” commented Rachel Baustert, a Junior at Centura. Kim Wells, Loan Operations Specialist-Systems at Five Points, along with her colleagues, took the students through the basics of assisting customers with their financial needs while keeping them safe from fraud.FivePoints

Centura Business Students Visit Carry’s Pet Salon

Centura students learned about entrepreneurship from Carry Baustert on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. Baustert explained how she started Carry’s Pet Salon, and the skills needed to grow her business. Sophomore Navi Nielson stated, “She made it interested and tied real life experiences to what she does everyday. Brody, a Golden Doodle customer, was cute and fun to get to know.”Carry's

Centura FBLA Got More Than They CANDY BAR-Gained For

-1“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” These inspiring words of wisdom were once uttered by the famous Renaissance artist, Van Gogh. This fall, Centura’s Future Business Leaders of America have been living by Van Gogh’s quote in a huge effort to get representatives to the 2017 State Leadership Conference. Together, a total of 75 FBLA members have sold chocolate bars to the community in order to raise money for this great opportunity.

The Centura FBLA program has participated in this fundraiser for years with a price of $1 per chocolate. Some might call that a CANDY BAR-gain! As a team, ambitious FBLA members have sold nine different flavors with a goal of selling 44 candy bars per student. With much enthusiasm, the young business leaders of Centura High School gave their best effort to raise money. In the end, their efforts proved to be rewarding with approximately 5,024 candy bars sold and a grand total of about $2,260 earned. In correspondence with Van Gogh’s words, it really does take a village to achieve something outstanding.

With this candy bar fundraiser, the Centura FBLA members have improved upon their money handling and communication skills, which is why they’d like to thank the community for participating in the fundraiser. Now these future business leaders can build upon these skills at the Nebraska State Leadership Conference. Thank you to all of those who supported Centura FBLA, and we hope to do more business with you in the future.

Article by: Grace McDonald, Reporter