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Senior Parent Meeting

There will be a meeting for parents of the Senior class of 2020 on Wednesday, September 25th, at 6 pm, in the Little Theater; this will be during Parent-Teachers Conferences.  Items discussed will be general information for Seniors, college information, financial aid for college, and other items.  For answers to questions you may have, or if you can’t attend and would like the information, please contact Mrs. Carpenter, guidance counselor at kcarpenter@centuraps.org.


Senior Parent Meeting

There will be a meeting for parents of Seniors on Wednesday, October 17 at 6:00 pm in the Little Theater.  Items discussed will be general Senior information needed for graduation, as well as college applications, financial aid, and scholarships.

Senior Parent’s Meeting

There will be a meeting for parents of Seniors on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at 6 pm in the Little Theater.  This is the first night of parent-teacher conferences too.  Information on financial aid, scholarships, applying to college, and other basic Senior information will be discussed.

ACT Information for Juniors and Seniors

To prepare for the ACT, Juniors and Seniors have five methods to access.  They are:

PETERSON’S TEST PREP -Instructions are found on the Counselor webpage under ACT Test Prep.

ACT ACADEMY-Launched in March 2018, this is a free personalized online learning tool and test practice program available at www.act.org/academy, with video lessons, interactive practice questions, full-length practice tests, education games, and other materials.

ACT BOOKLET-The Counseling Office has newsprint booklets from ACT with questions on each subject area.

PREPARING FOR THE ACT ONLINE-An electronic version of Preparing for the ACT Test is available online in pdf format.  Go to www.act.org/theact/testprep.

TEST PREP REVIEW-Another website with a multitude of tests to prepare for the ACT, ASVAB, Accuplacer (needed for Central Community College) and many other tests.  Access this at www.testprepreview.com. Scroll down to the middle of the page and access the free test prep.

For more information contact Mrs. Carpenter, Guidance Counselor at carpenter@centuraps.org, or 485-4258 Eat. 141.


Seven Nebraska high schools were recognized for their dedication to improving teen driver safety with the TDS Cup and Outstanding School awarded by Teens in the Driver Seat® (TDS).

  • 1st Place — Norfolk High School in Norfolk ($1,000 cash award)
  • 2nd Place — Centura High School in Cairo ($500 cash award)
  • 3rd Place — Malcolm High School in Malcolm ($250 cash award)
  • Outstanding schools- Gering High School, Central Valley High School, Arlington High School and Howells-Dodge Consolidated.

Teens in the Driver Seat believes that young drivers are more effective at communicating to their peers than anyone else. The TDS Cup competition motivates teens to compete with one another to help get the word out about positive driving behaviors. Each TDS team entering the competition is awarded points for every safe-driving activity promoted in its school and community about the top five driving risks: driving at night; speeding and street racing; distractions, such as cell phones and teen passengers; not wearing a seat belt; and impaired driving.

Thirty-one schools across Nebraska are working on reducing teen related crashes, injuries and deaths through the use of the Teens in the Driver Seat program. This is the fifth year in a row that Centura has ranked among the top three places for their efforts. Centura Student Council’s 28 members help promote the program at Centura Public Schools.

Centura Public Schools Veteran’s Day Celebration

Barrett Selden, Centura Student Council Vice President presenting the Flag of Valor to Mrs. Holcomb, principal.

Centura Public Schools recognized and honored veterans from the surrounding area on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The band recognized each branch of the service with an Armed Forces Salute; veteran guests stood as their branch anthem was played.

Boys and Girls State representatives, Heather Hewitt, Boelus; Noah Bruggeman, Barrett Selden, and Emily Serr, Dannebrog; and Abby Hadenfeldt, Cairo shared their experiences from this past summer.

Guest speaker was Bill Crosier, who served in the US Army from 1964-1967, and is the National Executive Committeeman for the American Legion State of Nebraska.

Members of the Centura Student Council presented a wooden flag to the school made by Flags of Valor, a veteran-owned, veteran-operated, veteran-made company that employs veterans, raising money for veteran and first-responder charities.

The Junior and Senior High Choir performed a celebration of songs to honor veterans, and students from the Media Class showed a video tribute for all veterans.

A meal, prepared by the kitchen staff, was served by the Senior Class to approximately 60 veterans and their guests.






Senior Parent Meeting

There will be a Senior Parent Meeting on Wednesday, October 18th, at 6 pm in the Little Theater.  Items discussed will include the FAFSA, scholarships, college information, and other information important for Seniors.  If you cannot attend, please contact Mrs. Carpenter for information.

Tips for a Great Beginning to the School Year

Parents: things you can do to help your child start the year off right are listed below:

  1. Help your child make a daily to-do list. Identify what needs to be done over the next 24 hour including homework, house chores, and activity practices.
  2. Check in with your child about the list. Review what was done and what is yet to be accomplished. As your student becomes more responsible, you’ll find yourself spending less time hounding them about getting to work.
  3. Get phones out of the bedroom. Cell phones hinder our body’s ability to begin a    natural “shut-down” process for a restful night’s sleep. Have your child leave their phone in a central spot.
  4. Break big projects into small tasks. Avoid dreaded late-night runs to buy poster board because “it’s due tomorrow!” Help your student break projects into smaller tasks by adding them to the daily to-do list.
  5. Check Power School. Teachers post their lesson plans and grades on Power School weekly. This is a great way to check the answer to the question, “Do you have homework?” If you have questions about how to log on, contact the school.

For questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress contact Mrs. Kay Carpenter, Guidance Counselor 7-12, Dean of Students.


ACT Prep Class Offered at CCC

ACT Prep Class will be offered on the Grand Island Campus of CCC.  This class is offered Monday nights from 7-8:30 pm starting Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 through Monday, Oct. 23, 2017.  If you are interested in registering your son/daughter for this class, contact Mrs. Carpenter, guidance counselor, for a registration form.

Centura HS Wins Teen Driver Safety Award


For the second year in a row, Centura High School won first place and a $1,000 cash award for their efforts in promoting safe driving amongst students. Second place went to Malcom High School with a $500 cash award, and third place went to Fullerton High School with a $250 cash award. Schools that were recognized as outstanding were Norfolk High School, Gering High School, Central Valley Public Schools and David City High School. In addition, Mrs. Kay Carpenter, Student Council Advisor and Guidance Counselor at Centura High School, was recognized as one of two sponsors in the state for her efforts in leading her TDS Team.

Currently there are 28 schools across Nebraska working on reducing teen related crashes, injuries and deaths through the use of the Teens in the Driver Seat program.

Started in Nebraska in 2013, Teens in the Driver Seat is a peer-to-peer safety program that educates teens about the top five dangers of teen driving — driving at night; speeding and street racing; distractions, such as cell phones and teen passengers; not wearing a seat belt; and alcohol/drug use.