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Centura Summer Programs

Centura is offering several programs this summer to engage kids in different learning opportunities. Kids will have a chance to sign up for 1 or all of the activities if there is room. We are offering cooking classes with the Danish Baker, basic automotive lessons, Crafting with Mrs. Dibbern and so much more. Click on the link to sign up and learn about the exciting learning opportunities this summer.

Centura Summer Program Sign Up

Summer Program for Kids K-8th Grades

The Centura Extended Learning Program is excited to announce that we will be offering multiple summer activities for students currently in grades Kindergarten – 8th grades. The summer fun will extend from the last week of May to the end of July. Each week will consist of a new activity that will teach kids about something they are interested in trying. Here are the following activities that will take place.

* Science Camp

* Crafting (2 different opportunities)

* Theater Camp

* Basic Cooking Classes

* Basic Automotive and Box Cars

* Lemonade Days (Entrepreneurial Opportunity)

* Project Wild

Kids can participate in any one of these, they do not have to sign up for all of them. An electronic sign-up form will be posted later this month, be sure to sign-up quickly, as spots are limited for each activity.

Special Guest: Sudanese Refugee, Estella

Centura students in 4th – 6th grades had the very special opportunity this week to listen to Estella, a  Refugee from the Sudan. Recently the students were involved with a global read aloud project that focused on the book “A Long Walk to Water” by. Linda Sue Park. The book is about a boy that walks away form his war-torn village. He is a “lost boy” refugee, destined to cover Africa on foot, searching for his family and safety. The book is also about a girl that has to walk 8 hours everyday to fetch water for her family.

After reading the story, Mrs. Trumler was able to contact a local refugee that would be able to give a first hand account about what her life was like then and now.

“Estella is a single mother of five children, aged 3 up to 15. She is a dedicated mother, who believes that education is imperative to a successful life. She came to the United States in 2005 from Sudan. She had to hide and run for her life to get to America to have her freedom. She left Sudan at the age of 19 and fled to Cairo, Egypt. There she contacted the UN and set into motion her journey to the United States. It took until 2005, but she finally made it. She came to America without any family here and without knowing any English. She worked extremely hard to learn English and is now fluent and helps translate for others who need help. She works at the Veteran’s home and is taking her final test to get into nursing school on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. She became an American citizen in 2008 and is proud to be an American. Her family is receiving a home from Habitat from Humanity in early 2018. She has already put in 479 hours of work helping build their home. She came and spoke to us about what being a refugee was like. We had read the book “A Long Walk to Water” about the Lost Boys of Sudan and were so lucky to have Estella share her own story with us about having to flee Sudan. The biggest surprise when she visited us was seeing her strength and positive attitude. She had grown up in an area of Sudan with no running water and no electricity. She showed us how to carry around four gallons of water on her head without using her hands! She shared that they had one meal a day and only water to drink, to us this sounds unthinkable, but she smiled the whole time and said “You can do it!”. She had to walk a long ways to school everyday where her father was a school keeper. When she was in her upper teens, her family was forced to choose between being Christian and Muslim. They chose Christian, so her father lost his job and they were forced to move to the mountains, where the living conditions were considerably lower. Estella wanted her freedom and fled. She had to change her name and hide in fear, but she never gave up or lost hope. We have never seen someone so strong, positive and full of joy. She is an inspiration to us all. We can’t think of a better family to receive your gift this Christmas!”


Concert Etiquette

With multiple vocal and band music concerts approaching, we feel that it is noteworthy to highlight the importance of proper concert etiquette. Our students and music teachers have worked diligently to prepare our students to give the best performances possible. For our students to be at their best, it is important that the audience does their part to help make it a success. Thank you!!!!

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Centura Preschool Dad’s Day

Today was a wonderful day at Centura Bright Beginnings Preschool. Dad’s and grandpa’s joined us to spend some time with their preschooler in the classroom. It was a fantastic day of dad’s and their kids working together and creating some very interesting art projects. We are proud that these men are in the lives of our preschoolers, it only strengthens their opportunity for academic success. Thanks Dads and Grandpas!!!

Parent/Teacher Conference Attendance

Thank you to all the parents and guardians that came to conferences last week. In the elementary we had 262 of 265 conferences attended, which is 98.8% attendance. This is outstanding and demonstrates the dedication you have as parents and guardians for your children’s education. Thank You!!!

Centura State Assessment Scores

Every year, students in grades 3-8 take math, reading, and science state assessments. These tests are called NeSA assessments. This past year, the state reading test was revised to fit the new college and career ready standards that were adopted by the state in 2014. The new standards set a level of rigor that is much greater than any other standards Nebraska has had. With that, there was a significant drop in state proficiency and also in the district. This always happens whenever you raise the standard of achievement. Centura has always met this challenge and improved to meet the new standard of rigor. As you can see in the data, Centura was still better than the state average in 4 of the 6 grade levels. The district believes in the education that is provided to our students and will do what is necessary to improve on our district http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/ percent of proficiency.

Starting this year, the state is also releasing the new math state assessment based on the new college and career ready standards adopted in 2015. So, it is safe to say the state as well as our district will see a drop in percent of students proficient. Again, our district will do what is necessary to meet the new standard of rigor.

If you look at past state assessment data, Centura has always surpassed the state average and has always improved from year to year, we expect that trend to continue in the future.

If you have any questions about the information, please contact Cory Bohling, Centura Elementary principal and district curriculum and assessment coordinator.

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Centura Expanded Learning Program

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The Centura Expanded Learning Program registration is due Thursday, September 21st. There are still spots available and we would like to have all 30 slots filled. If you have questions about the program, please call Cory Bohling at 308-485-4258, ext. 105, or email at cbohling@centuraps.org. This is a great program for students to get after school care and expanded learning opportunities.