Centura Primary Grades Celebrate 100 Days of School

You Celebrated What?

We have many celebrations throughout the school year such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 100th Day of School… What? Yes! We celebrated the 100th Day of School on January 26th with all the kindergartners, first, second, and third graders. We started our day with a huge Olympian size challenge in the gym with all 119 children and many in-training teachers and paraeducators. We all participated in several activities starting with passing the torch after the children found their special number on the wall and many 100-second training stations in preparation for the Winter Games. When the whole group celebration was over the classes went back to their individual classrooms for more learning opportunities all revolving around the concept of 100. There was counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, graphing, predicting how far we could walk in 100 steps, and eating a 100-piece snack. Technology even helped out with an App that allowed the students to take their picture and make themselves 100 years old. The students thought they looked just like their grandparents. One teacher even read the book, The Night Before the 100th Day of School. The day was fully packed literally with hundreds of activities and the smiles and laughs were in abundance. As one student said, “This is the best day of school”

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