Centura Girls’ Basketball Loses Two Tough Games Resulting in a 9-7 Record

Centura Girls vs. Fullerton

Coach Thober reported that Warriors jumped up on the girls early with a combination of their shooting lights out and Centura having defensive breakdowns. Centura finally got on track defensively,  but the Centurions were never able to get in an offensive groove to close down the deficit. The Centura team is so much better than what they played that night.  Coach stated, “Shooting needs to be a priority for our girls to have any success.”

Scoring by Quarters

Centura          9          16        11        10          Total 46

Fullerton       22          14          9          9          Total 54

Leading Scorers

Claire Caspersen    4; Emily Krolikowski 15; Kaleigh Johnson 9; Brook Hostetler 9; Sam Simdorn  3

Cydney Turek  6

Centura Girls vs. Ravenna

The Centura girls played really good defense, but unfortunately to sustain good defense,  the Centurions needed to come up with something on the offensive end as well.  Coach Thober stated,  “We ran our offense well and had really good looks at inside shots, high post shots, open 3’s and opportunities in transition,  but the shots would not go down.”   For Ravenna, Jordyn Fiddelke, hit some nice shots in the second half to make the biggest difference in the game.

Scoring by Quarters

Centura          3          6          10        8          Total 27

Ravenna        8          13        12        16         Total 49

Leading Scorers

Claire Caspersen  2; Emily Krolikowski  17; Brook Hostetler  2;  Sam Simdorn  2: Elayna Holcomb   4


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