Centura Girls’ Basketball Go 2-1 in Competitions Last Week

Centura Girls’ Basketball team went 2-1 in competitions last week.  They played Doniphan-Trumbull, Shelton, and Cozad. This week the girls will be in action against GICC and Gibbon.

Centura Girls vs. Doniphan

Coach Thober reported, “The girls came out ready to play and had lots of energy and were able to jump out to a lead.  Our defense was good until there were numerous assignment breakdowns allowing Doniphan to get some easy buckets.  The girls adjusted well the second half on defense,  but the offense was very poor in execution as the offense was not run well.   This was a frustrating game because we know the girls are very capable of playing much better.”

Scoring by Quarters

Centura           13        7          8          6          Total 34

Doniphan         11        14        11        6          Total 42

Claire Caspersen   6; Emily Krolikowski   8; Kaleigh Johnson   8; Brook Hostetler  9; Darci Reimers   1

Elayna Holcomb   2

Centura Girls vs. Shelton

Coach Thober shared that this win was a really nice team effort by the Centura Girls’ Basketball team.

Scoring by Quarters    Centura           17        19        14        11        Total 61

Shelton            4          4          2          6          Total 16

Claire Caspersen   8; Emily Krolikowski  14; Brook Hostetler  17; Darci Reimers   7; Sam Simdorn  3

Cydney Turek  8; Elayna Holcomb  2; Katelyn Fanta   2

Centura Girls vs. Cozad

According to Coach Thober, Cozad played pretty good defense as we struggled getting things going the first half.  He said, “The 3rd quarter the Centura girls came out and made a couple of nice runs to put the game away!”   He indicated this was another good team effort for the squad.

Scoring by Quarters

Centura           10        10        20        13        Total 53

Cozad              7          3          5          5          Total 20

Claire Caspersen  8; Emily Krolikowski  17; Kaleigh Johnson  6; Brook Hostetler   4; Sam Simdorn   4

Cydney Turek  7; Elayna Holcomb  2; Katelyn Fanta  5


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